Weight: How plenty of Grams in an Eighth?

An eighth is 3.5 grams. This comes from the truth that that is 1/8 of an ounce. An ounce is 28 grams. Now, I recognize a many of world are walking to try and argue through me that an oz is technically more than 28 grams. While you are correct, it is important to note that cannabis operates on a 28-gram oz out of simplicity.

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Eighths are a popular buying choice for individuals who are somewhat consistent smokers. Girlfriend will virtually always gain a far better price if you buy an eighth rather of a gram at a time. Of course, buying more than an eighth will generally get girlfriend an also bigger discount.

Sometimes you’ll hear of someone marketing half-eighths, which should be referred to as 1/16 (sixteenth) in my opinion. Although, I will certainly say it’s to be a really long time since I’ve heard someone reference an half-eighth. The 1.75 grams.

For much more info ~ above weed weights examine out this article: Marijuana Weight: Grams, Quarters, and Ounces. Oh my!

Price for 1/8 that Weed

The price is walk to differ greatly depending upon your location. Through that said, I’ll try to perform my best to put a selection on the price you would likely encounter.

At a dispensary, you’re going to pay in between $35-50 with select strains costing more. Street prices are tricky. In legit states, the street prices have tendency to run slightly lower than what you would certainly pay at a dispensary ($25-$40). In illegal states, the street price the 1/8 is commonly going to be higher than what you would certainly pay in ~ a dispensary ($40-$60). Part illegal says (especially in small towns) view prices together high together $70. Any much more than that is too high that a price as much as i’m concerned.

How much are friend paying because that an eighth? permit me recognize in the comment ar below. Also, if you want to learn an ext about the price that different quantities of weed friend should examine out this write-up I wrote: How lot Does Weed Cost?

What does an Eighth that Weed watch Like?

It is really essential to psychic that not all weed is the exact same density. That is, some weed is super dense which will make the amount watch smaller. Various other weed is fluffy which looks bigger. This method that not all eights are going to look the same.

With that stated I carry out want to give you a visual guide to one eighth, for this reason here’s a photo of exactly 3.5 grams that weed. I would certainly say this weed is slightly on the denser next of the spectrum. Lighter for scale.

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That’s pretty much all I’ve acquired to say around eighths of weed. Make certain to fall a comment below, and have an great day.

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