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I have a 12 gauge shotgun v a very very long barrel. The only markings on it is lengthy Tom. According to my cousin it was a fun gun come shoot however it no longer does. Is it precious the money obtaining this old point to shoot? I can not find a serial or version number everywhere on this gun.

The long Tom to be a cheap single-barrel shotgun offered from the 1890s to the 1920s. It was most likely made by the Batavia firm in Batavia, new York. They made a most shotguns for both Sears & Montgomery Ward. Unless the metal"s in absolutely pristine condition, it"s most likely not precious finding a stock & forearm for it. It"ll cost you around as lot to have the point restocked by a gunsmith together it would price you to buy a new, much more reliable single-shot shotgun. If you"re identified & you"re a skilled woodworker, Dixie Gun functions ( has stock and forearm blanks because that sale. If you have all the hardware--& you"re a experienced woodworker--you can probably make some of their stuff fit.

The long Tom was a cheap single-barrel shotgun marketed from the 1890s come the 1920s. It was probably made through the Batavia company in Batavia, new York. They do a lot of shotguns for both Sears & Montgomery Ward. Uneven the metal"s in absolutely pristine condition, it"s most likely not precious finding a share & forearm for it. It"ll cost you around as much to have the point restocked by a gunsmith together it would cost you come buy a new, much much more reliable single-shot shotgun. If you"re established & you"re a expert woodworker, Dixie Gun works ( has stock and also forearm blanks for sale. If you have actually all the hardware--& you"re a experienced woodworker--you have the right to probably make several of their ingredient fit.
I assumed as much, the does not need any kind of stock occupational done and also the barrel is quite great close to great shape. I just was not certain if it was worth gaining the firing pen fixed. The barrel seems very thin to my liking and I personally would certainly not feel comfortable shoot it. I"ll let mine cousing know and see if he desires to spend the time and also money on it. Many thanks for the info.
Grew up v a Sears long Tom. Nothing wrong through it, very strong shotgun take it a lot of game. Remember, yes sir a large difference between inexpensive and also cheap made. Numerous firms made the log Tom because that Sears, from the 1930s it to be made by Stevens ( compare it to Stevens old version 94). If he has actually the old firing pen it would certainly take a machinist around 20 minute to do one, Heck, ns make one in high institution shop. Very simple pin. Solve it, shooting it, gain it.

Watch the chamber length. Countless of the enlarge shotguns are chambered for shorter than 2 1/2" shells. And, the introduction of full (folded star) crimp quite than roll crimp made this even more troublesome. Pops

One an ext bit the advice, don"t shoot high brass shells in your lengthy Tom. Back when the gun to be made shells were no loaded to the pressures the they room today. Shoot only low brass shells, IE, field loads. My brother has one that was that bought turn off my sisters husband, and also was given to that by his dad. Ns have operated on the gun several times and they are easy to repair. Good gun because that birds and also squirrels!
Y"all be for sure now, ya hear!Psalm 2:1-31 Why carry out the heathen rage, and the civilization imagine a vain thing?2 The emperors of the earth set themselves, and also the rulers take counsel together, versus the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,3 Let united state break their bands asunder, and also cast away their cords native us.Ecclesiastes chapter 8: 11 since sentence versus an evil occupational is no executed speedily, because of this the heart of the young of men is totally set in castle to carry out evil.
Long Tom. "Trade Brand Name" shotgun made by among two makers. J. Stevens Arms firm (used on their Models 90 and also 95) or Meridian Fire arms Co. Make for and sold by Sears Roebuck & Co. If made by Stevens, made after 1915. If do by Meridian made sometime between 1905 and also 1915. Value depends on condition and also will variety from about $250 for a factory new condition to much less than $10 for a rusty rotten incomplete item of junk that can make a great tomato stake.
I have actually a lengthy Tom. Good condition, 40" bbl. Does anyone have actually an owners hand-operated for it and/or know how to remove the forearm. I"d like to do a detailed cleaning. Because they supposedly aren"t precious much, I can like to reblue and refinish the stock. Would be attractive over the fireplace.
Re: lengthy Tom ?Never mind. I figured it out and also have due to the fact that reblued the barrel, refinished the stock, cleaned it up as best i could. Total looks an excellent and is a lot simpler to run minus the gunk and also with a little new oil. Figured that wasn"t worth much as a collectable so determined to reclaim it. Really didn"t need more than cosmetic/preservative work. Nicely made and simple.

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Ms6852, if her gun is in reasonably an excellent shape, it must be worth having actually the firing pen replaced. Yet some of those firearms were do in the era once smokeless powder was simply coming in, and also Damascus barrels to be still common. For this reason if you plan to fire the gun, make certain it is safe with ANY contemporary ammo. Also, is the firing pin broken, or just missing? In that era, numerous owners who had old shotguns castle knew to be unsafe removed the shoot pins to make sure the total couldn"t be fired. Prior to replacing the firing pins, us should think about that they can have been smarter 보다 we are.Jim
I have a 16 gauge long tom shotgun number 211684 that has actually no manufacturer noted on the gun. I need a "open lever" for it and also a target plate. The open lever broke and it to be brass welded to put it earlier into operation, however will not hold for long. Ns no longer shoot the gun because of that is age, however would choose to gain back it to great condition. Have the right to you call me whereby I might possibly uncover these two components for this gun? thank You very much.
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