6of1029of10212of10215of10218of10221of10224of10227of10230of10233of10236of10239of10240of102Gary Smith was the electrician who discovered Kurt load dead in his house near Lake Washington. He does not provide interiews about the incident.chrischona2015.org fileShow MoreShow Less42of10245of10248of10251of10254of10257of10260of10263of10266of10269of10272of10275of10277of102The bench alongside Kurt Cobain"s previous home has come to be a landmark because that fans.Joshua Trujillo/chrischona2015.orgShow MoreShow Less
78of10279of102Fans of cut Cobain have actually been leave painted and carved message on the earlier of a bench in Viretta Park next his previous home in ~ 171 Lake Washington Blvd. E. This snapshot was take away March 17, 1997.Grant M. Haller/chrischona2015.org fileShow MoreShow Less80of102The April 10, 1994 memorial for kurt Cobain at Seattle Center.chrischona2015.org fileShow MoreShow Less
81of10282of102The April 10, 1994, memorial for cut Cobain at Seattle Center.chrischona2015.org fileShow MoreShow Less83of102The April 10, 1994, memorial for kurt Cobain at Seattle Center.chrischona2015.org fileShow MoreShow Less
84of10285of102Kurt cobain of Nirvana at the Seattle facility Coliseum, Sept. 11, 1992.Kurt Smith/chrischona2015.org fileShow MoreShow Less86of102Kurt Cobain, presented performing Dec. 13, 1993.AP Photo/Robert Sorbo/chrischona2015.org file/Associated PressShow MoreShow Less
87of10290of10293of10294of102Kurt Cobain, left, and also Krist Novoselic carry out at a Pier 48 in Seattle during a taping the MTV"s new Year"s eve Special, Dec. 1993.Kurt Smith/chrischona2015.org fileShow MoreShow Less95of102Kurt cobain sings during Nirvana"s concert in ~ the paramount in Seattle, Oct. 31, 1991.Kurt Smith/chrischona2015.org fileShow MoreShow Less
96of10297of102Nirvana frontman kurt Cobain in Jan. 1994.Kurt Smith/chrischona2015.org FileShow MoreShow Less98of102Kurt load in an undated photo.Martyn Goodacre/chrischona2015.org fileShow MoreShow Less
99of102100of102Cover that "Heavier 보다 Heaven, A biography of cut Cobain," through Charles R. Cross.Michael Lavine/Book CoverShow MoreShow Less101of102Justin Sevier attract a jacket through the photo of cut Cobain top top the back as his listens come Nirvana track through headphones at Viretta Park April 5, 2004. The day marked 10 years due to the fact that Cobain died.Mike Urban/chrischona2015.org file/SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER display MoreShow Less
It was 19 years earlier Friday when Nirvana frontman cut Cobain, the number most connected with Seattle"s grunge motion of the 1990s, passed away in his home on Lake Washington Boulevard East.

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He was uncovered three days later when an electrician pertained to the residence for a pre-scheduled job.

The tragic event still draws human being to Seattle from roughly the world. A bench that sits in the middle of adjacent Viretta Park, close to the residence that Cobain once owned v his wife, Courtney Love, has actually been extended with messages from human being making pilgrimages here.

When news the Cobain"s death involved the Post-Intelligencer newsroom, number of photographers were sent out to the scene. Mike Urban, recognized for his skill at sporting activities photography, checked out the yard of a home behind the greenhouse where Cobain died. Phil Webber, who loved break news and also started in ~ the P-I in the 1950s, to be by the front of the house.

A few of your frames were released after Cobain"s death in 1994. However most that them have actually sat in the same an adverse sleeves they were inserted in the work they were taken.

The negatives currently reside at the Museum of background and Industry, which has actually preserved numerous P-I negative after three donations: One in 1976, one more in 1986 and a third in 2000. Through the help of picture curator Howard Giske, we scanned the images that Urban, Webber and also other unidentified P-I photographers take it at Cobain"s house in 1994 and at the memorial ~ above April 10 of that year at Seattle Center.

Until now, many of these photos from the self-destruction scene and also memorial have not been published.

Some comparable images, consisting of at the very least one structure showing component of Cobain"s body, have actually been released elsewhere. And the P-I consisted of pictures comparable to this in the April 1994 coverage. The said, several of these photos can be mental to part readers. These space not presented because that shock value, yet rather as historic images indigenous the P-I archive kept at MOHAI.

Gary Smith, an employee for Veca electrical who no much longer discusses the incident, uncovered Cobain"s body. Someone at his company tipped then-KXRX radio DJ Marty Riemer, that was the an initial to announce the musician"s death, i m sorry the clinical examiner determined was a suicide.

More than 7,000 mourners packed Seattle facility two days later on for a windy memorial, wherein there was a record of Love reading Cobain"s self-destruction note. She additionally showed up and also gave few of his garments to fans.

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Years ago, there to be a rumor that the shotgun Cobain provided was steal from the Seattle Police evidence unit for a similar model. But the gun to be checked versus the serial number native police files, and that rumor to be disproven. 

Click here to download a PDF copy the the an easy Seattle police report of cut Cobain"s death investigation. Due to the fact that of the multiple requests Seattle police acquire for the report, the media unit still keeps a copy roughly its office. A spokeswoman claimed the department gets at the very least one request per week come reopen the investigation, largely through Twitter.