Have you uncovered a 1974 Washington quarter through a reverse dice crack? Quarters through mint errors prefer this deserve to sell on ebay because that $5.00 or more.

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Depending on the size and location of the die crack, these error coins may come to be worth more, specifically if a nickname for the dice crack becomes popular. The “Scarface” Morgan disagreement or the “spitting horse” 1999 quarter, together with the “spitting eagle” on Washington quarters has actually led to extr value.

These dice markings offer the coin character, and also therefore rise demand. The far better the problem of the coin through the error the much more the worth increase. 4 minutes 1 coins have the right to sell for hundreds of thousands that dollars or more, as soon as they space authenticated and also graded by legitimate grading companies, such together ANACS.

A 1974 Washington Doubled dice Reverse Quarter has been found and noted on Wexler’s website. In some cases when 2 or an ext coins are found with the very same die crack they are attributed as a variety – CoinAuctionsHelp

Coins in exceptional condition with an excellent photos enclosed can cause a coin to offer for an ext money. These coins have the right to be marketed raw online above face value through a well created description and also clear photos. Check out these sold listings to see an example of a effective listing!


According to PCGS records, the 1974 Washington 4 minutes 1 graded MS67 offered at auction for more than a thousands dollars. It’s valued at practically $2,000.00 due to a low populace of the highest possible grade. An alert that there space minimal come no scratches in the fields and also on the gadgets of that quarter. It’s the condition to search for and also compare with as soon as collecting rare coins out of circulation. An important coins prefer this can be found in mint sets and bank rolls, but are sometimes uncovered as readjust in circulation.

“Average profit demand for quarters through reverse die crack errors selection from $2 to $50 or more, depending upon the specific type of dice crack and also the condition of the coin that coin collectors are looking for.” – HobbyLark

1974 Mint Sets are available for acquisition online. Clock the videos below to learn about much more valuable 1974 Washington quarter errors worth money.

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Read my review of the USB coin microscope offered to examine this quarter next, or view an check of a special execution 75th Privy note West Point minted quarter that have the right to still be uncovered in circulation.

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