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Long time due to the fact that a breakdown eh? My son drove this automobile like he stole it because that 2 years now I have to tend to it. Not 95 SLS It"s a 1996 Eldorado not ETC.

Code says, P0140 bank one sensor 2 present

Code states P0154 financial institution two sensor 1 present (this one is new)

Question is. Ok i think prior is component with the belt Right?

Question is: If former is component with belt is Left that engine fwd as in the car?

Question is: Is sensor 1 like 1st one in mechanism going under the line? and is sensor 2 the next one going under that line like roughly the Converter?

I desire to adjust the PO154 one first and check out what happens. The PO140 just started to show up while i was running codes over and also over and also resetting them. I just pulled this automobile out the the Barn after sitting 2 years.


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Posted December 18, 2006

You pretty much have actually it.

Bank one is the firewall side. Sensor one is closest come the head.

If they room installed, bank one, sensor two will be in former of the catalytic converter and also bank one, sensor 3 will be straight behind the catalytic converter.

Bank two on a sideways Northstar will only have the sensor figured out as financial institution two, sensor one.

At some suggest in the manufacturing history, I think all these various O2 sensor locations used the same component number. So, if instead of a sensor in one ar does not aid your situation, you most likely still have actually a working sensor to usage at another location. Make sense??


Drive her car.

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Posted December 18, 2006


RegisteredLocation:NE OhioInterests:Auto/Audio/electronicsCar Model/Year: 95 SLS & 96 Eldo Both over 100K
Posted December 18, 2006 (edited)

Ok thanks, I have had an excellent luck with Rockauto for sure. Plenty of parts constantly fit and good service so that is a possibility. I didn"t check the value of the sensors in question, seems choose all the O2 sensors are giving out. I may buy 2 if they room all the same.

Is an O2 sensor one 02 sensor? Or room they certain to the location? So countless choices!

Upstream, downstream and prices and makes. TRU-TECH component # SG273T

Two required.; Upstream Sensor

$36.99 $0.00 $36.99

DENSO component # 2344018


$38.89 $0.00 $38.89

DENSO component # 2344025


$41.79 $0.00 $41.79


Two required.; Upstream Sensor

$55.79 $0.00 $55.79

BOSCH part # 13474 Oxygen Sensor - OE type Before Catalyst

Two required; One sensor located in each manifold. Interval=100000

$57.79 $0.00 $57.79


Two required.; Downstream Sensor

$60.79 $0.00 $60.79

Reason ns ask, The kid adjusted one I just replaced, that made it basic by just cutting the wires, once the password still set I asked what one the changed? same one ns did a month prior, the an excellent one! (The optimal one through the firewall, PITA!!!) MC