The tops on this web page fit every the "E36 Platform" BMW models:U.S. Models: 318is, 318zi, 325, 328, 318, 323 and M3 european Models: 316i, 318i, 320, 323, 324, 325, 328 and M3

BMW 318i, 323i, 325i, 328i & M3 Convertible height Information:

Quality: Made to BMW specs, 100% to the right guarantee.

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Original factory Material: Sonnendeck (Twillfast) canvas.Original Colors: Black, BMW Blue, English Green, Titan Grey and Grenadine.Alternate Materials: Haartz Stayfast Canvas, Chrysler Sailcloth Vinyl.About top Materials: Twillfast and also Haartz Stayfast Canvas are almost indistinguishable outwardly. Twillfast has premium construction with a woven underside fabric. A really attractive alternative fabric is Chrysler Sailcloth vinyl (original to late design Mustangs and also Sebrings and less expensive 보다 canvas.)Installation: professional installation is suggested. A handy and also meticulous human may think about DIY installation. This includes rivet work and use of call cement. There is no sewing involved. We market a really thorough installation manual (see in ~ 'installation supplies.' ) To locate a skilled installer please enter "automobile upholstery shops near me" in your internet browser search bar.Tension Straps: These have to be in great condition as they slow-moving down wear in the top. Warranty may be voided if new straps space not ordered through top. We advice replacement the straps if much more than 3 year old.All seams space doubly electronically welded and also sewn for included reinforcement. Convertible height fabrics space mildew & mold resistant, and also UV cure for color fastness. Plastic windows room DOT rated hefty 40-gauge thick vinyl.

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Warranties: Kee Auto top carries a 6 year manufacturing facility warranty with no job allowance. Robbins Auto Tops has actually a 5 year manufacturing facility warranty with 18 month job allowance.

A.) BMW 3 collection (E36 Chassis) Convertible TopOriginal Twillfast OR Haartz Stayfast CanvasOriginal Light eco-friendly Tint Sealed in WindowMade by Robbins (Robbins 2713C)5 year manufacturing facility warranty through 18 month job allowance
--Select--TWILLFAST: black over black - #1973TWILLFAST: Blue over black - #1952TWILLFAST: EuroGreen over black - #2534TWILLFAST: Tan over black - #2448-2840Stayfast Canvas: black color on black - #848SFStayfast Canvas: Bordeaux on black - #1467Stayfast Canvas: Dark Blue on black color - #2776SFStayfast Canvas: hot Rod Red - #2494Stayfast Canvas: Tan on black color - #2799SF