Below is the passenger fusage diagram for the second-generation Ford Crvery own Victoria (EN114), created in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and also 2011. You might additionally be interested in the Engine Fuse Box Diagram for this car. The fusage panel is located listed below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Rerelocate the panel cover to access the fprovides. Inside the fuse/relay panel covers, you can uncover the fuse/relay label describing the fuse/relay name and also capacity.

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Fuse Ratings and also Descriptions

Fuse NumberAMP RatingDescription
110AIgnition (START) – Starter relay coil, DTRS
27.5APower mirrors, Door lock switches, Mirror switch, Keypad switch, Decklid switch, DDM (Driver’s door module), Cluster
35AIgnition (START) – Audio mute, Police PDB (Police vehicles only)
410ALCM (switch illumination), Autolamp sensor
57.5AIgnition (ON/ACC) – LCM
710AIgnition (ON/ACC) – Wiper module
810AElectronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC) module (vehicles equipped via EATC only)
97.5AIgnition (ON/ACC) – Door lock switch illumicountry, Heated seat switch illumicountry, Moon roof, Overhead console, Radio, Antenna, Electrochromatic mirror, Window relay coil (non-Police vehicles only), Window and also decklid relay coil and also Police ON/ACC relay coil (Police vehicles only)
1015A or 20AHazards (non-Police vehicles – 15A; Police vehicles – 20A)
1115AIgnition (ON) – Turn signals
1310A2007-2008: Ignition (ON) – Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) module, Rear Air Suspension Module (RASM), Variable Assist Power Steering (VAPS), Cluster;

2009-2011: Ignition (ON) – Rear Air Suspension Module (RASM), Cluster

1415ATaxi, Adjustable pedals
1510AIgnition (ON) – EATC module, A/C mode switch (vehicles equipped with hand-operated A/C only), A/C breduced relay coil
1620A2007-2008: Cigar lighter, OBD II;2009-2011: OBD II
1710AIgnition (ON) – A/C mode switch (vehicles equipped via manual A/C), Blend door, Heated seat modules, BTSI (Floor-shift transmission)
1815ALighting control module (interior lighting)
1910ALCM (Left-hand also low beam)
2010A2007-2008: Ignition (ON/START) – Back-up lamps;

2009-2011: Ignition (ON/START) – Back-up lamps, Anti-lock Brake mechanism (ABS)

2110ALCM (Right-hand low beam)
2210AIgnition (ON/START) – Restraint Control Module (RCM), Occupant Classification Sensor (OCS), Passenger Airbag Deactivation Indicator (PADI)
2315AMulti-attribute switch (Flash-to-pass), LCM (High beams)
2410AIgnition (ON/START) – Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS) module, Powertrain Control Module (PCM) relay coil, Fuel relay coil, Ignition coil relay coil
2515A2007-2009: LCM (Park lamps, license lamps);

2010-2011: LCM (Park lamps, corner lamps, license lamps)

2610A2007-2008: Ignition (ON/START) – Cluster, LCM, Overdrive cancel switch;

2009-2011: Ignition (ON/START) – Cluster, LCM, Overdrive cancel switch, Tractivity manage switch

27Not used
287.5ABrake signal, LCM (brake transmission change interlock), ABS
292AHazard in (Police vehicles only)
302ABattery saver (Police vehicles only)
315AKey in (LCM)
322AHazard out (Police vehicles only)
3310A2007-2008: Ignition (ON/START), Fire suppression module (if equipped) (Police vehicles only);

2009-2011: Fire suppression module (if equipped) (Police vehicles only)

Relay 1Full ISO relayWindow relay, Decklid (Police vehicles only)

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