The fuel pump on the 1998 Ford explorer transports fuel native the gas tank come the engine compartment. The fuel pump is electronic and is activated once the ignition is turn on. It can frequently be heard because that a minute when the ignition vital is first turned. If the fuel pump malfunctions, the engine may idle low or close up door off, and also if it falls short completely, the engine will certainly not operate. To replace the fuel pump top top a 1998 Ford Explorer, you will should remove the gas tank native the vehicle.

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Empty the gas tank utilizing a fuel siphoning kit. Keep the gas in one EPA-approved container.

Relieve the fuel press by removed the fuel pump relay native the fuse box under the hood and beginning the vehicle. The engine will certainly run for a few seconds and shut turn off after burning the remaining gas in the fuel line.

Disconnect the an unfavorable cable from the battery terminal. Raise the auto using a jack and secure it with jack stands.

Disconnect the fuel filler neck and also vent hose by removing the clamps. Eliminate the soil strap. Disconnect the fuel pump electric connector.

Support the fuel tank making use of a jack. Eliminate the rear retaining bracket. Slide the fuel tank towards the rear of the car to eliminate it native the former bracket.

Remove the fuel lines using the disconnect tool. Remove the fuel pump bolts and also slide the fuel pump the end of the tank. Disconnect the remaining electric connector and remove the fuel pump indigenous the job-related area.

Install the new fuel pump and also assemble the fuel tank. Reinstall the fuel tank and connect the fuel lines. Eliminate the jack stands and lower the vehicle. Connect the battery and also reinstall the fuel pump relay.


If possible, drive the car until over there is very little fuel remaining in the tank.


Gasoline is flammable. Always use caution once working with any component of the fuel system.


"Ford explorer 1991 thru 2001 (Haynes repair Manual)"; john H. Haynes, Jay Storer; 2005

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