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The risks are different from the rotate signals. You might have a bad flasher unit or the revolve signal switch has actually failed. Shot this: locate the revolve signal flasher, remove it and also put in a jumper in the 2 pin plug, turn on the key and then the turn signal appropriate or left it doesn"t matter, check to check out if the turn lights room on stable on the next you chose, shot the various other side to watch if you gain the very same result, if so revolve off crucial remove jumper and also replace the flasher unit. If the above check out doesn"t work then the is most likely the switch itself.

No relays because that the main part of the vehicle,fuses space in the inside fuse box. If you have a towing package they can have relays there however those are on a separate circuit. Did girlfriend get any type of power when you eliminated the flasher and also put in a jumper?

GuruXQFSK The trouble you speak that isn"t strictly restricted to expeditions, ns bought mine 01 Xplr sport 2dr (which simply turned 300k top top the odometer through the initial motor and a thunderbird eaton m90 supercharger top top it) with this very same problem. My left rotate signal wouldn"t work unless I had actually the steering wheel tilt all the means upwards. Their room 2 ways to rectify this however you need to start by remove the steering column shroud i m sorry is easy. Then once you get that off youll have the ability to see the tower wiring. The wiring that is developing the issue is either on the height or bottom that the pillar I forget. However thas irrelevant since in my instance when I checked the wiring out just about all the wiring in the exact same connector together the faulty turn signal wiring to be very loosened so what i did was i depinned (or merely removed through no force) every terminal from the connector and also I bent out the little pin on the terminal the holds it in place on the connector then when I put it ago together i hotglued them all in place. Since they should be solid due to the fact that the tower tilts and those wires flex and get either pulled or driven so the have to be secured. Therefore if girlfriend do have the blinker worry on your Fords wherein you have to tilt the column all the method up to gain your blinkers working its a very good bet that the remainder of the wiring in the connector is loosened as well and that wiring might be cruise control, horn, clockspring and so on etc for this reason if you do have this blinker issue get in there and fix that b4 something else goes wrong cuz that will. Ns bought the truck with 165,000 mile on that which is right as soon as I addressed this problem and also like I stated it simply turned 300k and also I have never had to address that difficulty again. BTW ive been a Ford technology for end 3 yrs and Ive been transforming wrenches in my very own garage for over a decade and I always had my hand on some sort of gas or nitro engine because I to be a tiny guy so you have the right to trust me top top this one.

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TheRockJohnson answer 2 years ago

GuruXQFSK I"m not OP. However holy shit ns was having actually this same trouble he is and also what girlfriend said gained my blinkers working. Fuckin hell ns was scared due to the fact that my inspection just ran out.

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Beautyteish reply 2 years back

I"m having troubles with mine 2000 Ford explorer the hazard lights or not working the blinkers room not working as well we have replaced the flasher relay check the wiring and also the steering shaft there is no strength going come that wherein else need to I check