A Buick Century have the right to indicate among several troubles when the check engine light come on. Some of the older Buick Century"s have a yellow warning light and a red warning light for the check engine. The yellow light means the problem is minor, yet if the red light come on, the vehicle should be quit as soon as possible because there is something seriously wrong with the engine.

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The check engine light can come top top in a Buick Century if the wiring exploit resting next to the air-conditioning unit is damaged or chafed. This minor damages to the wiring harness can be brought about by vibration or rubbing the the harness against the steel parts the the air-conditioning unit. End the course of operation, the wiring exploit rubs up and also down during normal driving conditions.

Each Buick Century has actually a exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve on the engine. The valve is an integral component of the car"s emissions system, which helps the auto burn fuel more efficiently. Once this valve is no operating properly, the check engine light come on and also requires the valve come be readjusted out. If the EGR valve is not switched the end or replaced, the Buick Century walk not obtain the exact same fuel mileage together it would commonly get throughout normal control conditions.

A check engine irradiate can likewise be brought about by a vacuum leak from one of the hoses that run throughout the engine of a Buick Century. The specific kind of vacuum leak or where the vacuum leak is coming from can be diagnosed by the code that is issued v the check engine light. Because that example, the number ~ above the code can tell the repairman what sensor needs to be changed such as the former oxygen sensor. This code can also be led to by the engine misfiring.

The (https://chrischona2015.org/what-is-engine-coolant-13579658.html) temperature (ECT) sensor can be going bad or the coolant temperature can be too high. A ECT sensor has a high and also low range. If the coolant the circulates through the engine and radiator falls above or below this range, the examine engine light have the right to come on and warn the operator of the Buick Century.

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