Problem with my 2001 Chevy Malibu V6.Repairs excellent prior = IGNITION move REPLACED and also TUNE UP. New BATTERY, NEWALTERNATOR AND changed COOLANT PUMP.Question = I have actually an 2001 Chevy Malibu i revolve the vital but the fuel pump doesn"t constantly kick oni just put new fuel pump sending out unit and also pick up in it. I am still having same problem. Shot tostart and also it cranks but wont start. After ~ a when i might get lucky and the fuel pump kicks on and also itstarts. Once it start its fine till i shot to begin it again. Deserve to some on please help. Thanks

Answer:Assuming girlfriend dont have actually a protection or theft irradiate on, climate this sounds prefer it may be a faulty fuelpump relay. This relay is in the under hood fuse box. Swap it the end with an additional relay if the sametype in that fuse box. Have likewise had faulty fuse crate themselves. Bad connection within cancause short voltage come the fuel pump. Would require to have a test light on the fuel pump power feedcircuit in ~ the rear underside of the automobile when that is acting as much as see if you have actually 12 volts. If friend do,then the is a soil problem.

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Question:After transforming the crankshaft place sensor a code stating the the crankshaftposition sport was not learned. What walk mean and what do i need to do to clear this password sothat the engine light will certainly go off?A code saying the the catalyst efficiency listed below threshold bank 1. What does this mean and also whatdo i have to do to clean this code so the the engine light will certainly go off. Occupational done to fix this problem = the crankshaft place sensor and also harmonic balancer hasbeen changed.

Answer:The crank position variance relearn needs to be done v a scanner. The password cannot becleared until this procedure is done. This requirements to it is in done due to the fact that of the crank sensorreplacement. Catalyst threshold have the right to be brought about either by a faulty Oxygen sensor, or a faulty catalytic converter.Reading live sensor data and also testing that the oxygen sensor would be necessary to identify whichone is faulty.

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Sorry. Ns to had actually that very same problem. It to be the protection theft move on the car. It goes out and also it wont let the vehicle start. But sometimes the does. I did a lotof work-related to it before I uncovered out on-line what it could be. I forgot how exactly how they addressed it.But ns do understand you need to have the auto on and rig theswitch to operate on, all the time. You can go to the dealer and also have them perform it for a most cash. 2001 were a rip off, a poor line that cars. Your auto-theftwont occupational anymore however your car will. Girlfriend can constantly buy a automobile alarm.