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Anyone have the 5th wheel towing volume of a 2001-2002 drw F350 shorbed? also looking because that HP and torque ratings.
2002 F350 CC,Short Bed, Dually w/ 7.3L, wait Raid intake, 3 gauge pod w/ISSPRO V2 gauges, Overhead gauge mount v DP Tuner gauge switch, DP F6 tuner w/stock, 1300 hello idle, 80 econo, 120 race, 40 & 80 tow and also decel tunes. 4" turbo earlier Magnaflow exhaust, CPR fuel system, CCV mod, Adrenaline HPOP and Full Force solitary shot phase 1 injectors.

Since you are posting here I will certainly assume that is a diesel engine. If no what engine?What transmission? What gears? expanded cab or crew cab? Two- or four-wheel drive? All affect the tow ratings from Ford.
to all the heroes in our military and also all the heroes at residence who wait because that their safe return. I am humbled by and grateful for her service and sacrifice. LINK TO list OF THE FALLEN"95 F250 ext cab long bed, PSD, 5 speed, 2 wheel drive, 3.55 gears, 286,000 miles, Edge advancement CTS (LINK TO my REVIEW), LUK clutch, homemade behind bumper through pintle hitch, open aspect air filter, 36" are contractor cap. Through tools, full of fuel and me on board (300 lbs) command 3620, journey 3860 total 7480.

A shorty dually? Those to be sorta rare, but Ford did produce some.Assuming diesel engine, GCWR was 20,000 pounds. Weigh the wet and loaded truck full of diesel and also with the normal folks and tools and also 5er hitch in it, and also subtract the weight from 20,000 and also the price is the personalized tow rating. ~ above a dually, GCWR will certainly be your limiter - you have actually plenty that GVWR for any trailer that doesn"t overload the GCWR.If it"s a diesel 4x4, the wet and loaded truck most likely weighs approximately 8,500 tp 9,000 pounds, therefore that leaves 11,000 come 11,500 together the most difficult trailer you can hook onto there is no busting Ford"s weight ratings. Add around 500 pounds to the estimated tow rating if it"s a 4x2.That"s the towing volume per Ford. Yet lots of folks don"t treatment what mama don"t allow, lock play your banjos anyhow. Wet and loaded trailers up to about 15,000 pounds room not unusual loads.Ford"s released tow rating the 12,400 pounds assumed your wet and also loaded F-350 DRW PSD 4x4 CrewCab weighed only 7,600 pounds. As soon as you sweet yours you"ll more than likely see exactly how ridiculous that number is.
1,600 RPMHowever, gentle hot-rodding (tuning) and driving by aftermaket gauges can result in about 300 horses and also 600 torque there is no reducing engine longivity or reliability. For around $1,250 to add DIY installs, girlfriend can include my mods of gauges, intake, exhaust and mild towing chip. ~ above a dyno operation I had actually 281 horses and 590 torque at the behind wheels, i beg your pardon is an ext than 300 horses and also 600 torque in ~ the flywheel. Mine now has actually 182,000 mostly-towing miles on it and runs much better than new.

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My Sierra Blanca (Spanish because that White Mountain) in the sig pic was a an excellent pickup for 11.5 years. I marketed it several years ago. Ns drove a hand-me-down 2003 F-150 SuperCrew 4.6L 2V because that a while, however it was unacceptable for towing an ext than a rowboat. Replacement is a 2012 F-150 EcoBoost SuperCrew Lariat the tows mine 5,000-pound TT prefer a dream. Replaced the 2012 v a 2019 F-150 3.5L EcoBoost through max tow.