A poor fuel pump can reason engine hesitation, sputtering, lose of power, and also it might not even let your Ford Mustang start. Review on come learn exactly how you deserve to replace your fuel pump.

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This article applies to the Ford Mustang V6 and also GT (1994-2004).

A fuel pump is one electronic machine that pumps fuel indigenous the fuel tank to your engine. Fuel is pumped native the tank and through the fuel filter, which then filters the fuel together it provides its method to the engine. A negative fuel pump can reason a number of issues. The most usual sign the a malfunctioning fuel pump is a sputtering car. If you additionally drive your Ford Mustang in ~ a continuous speed and notification loss of power out the no where, this could be the fuel pump. A poor fuel pump will eventually cause your Mustang to not start. To change the fuel pump, friend will must empty the fuel tank and drop it, together it"s located on peak of the tank. Don"t be intimidated, however, we will certainly walk you through the whole process until the end. Check out on come learn how you have the right to replace your fuel pump.

Figure 1. Fuel pump assembly.
Materials NeededSocket setLine disconnect toolJackFuel siphon kitNew fuel pump

Step 1 – empty fuel tank

The fuel pump is situated on optimal of the fuel tank. To accessibility it, girlfriend will must drop the tank, for this reason it"s best to north the tank completely before doing so.

Stick the hose the comes v your siphon kit every the means down your fuel tank. When it will the bottom, attach the hands-on pump the came with the kit, and connect the other end of the hose right into the container. Pump the fuel v your hand until there is no an ext fuel in the tank. Remove the hose from the tank.

Figure 2. Gas siphon kit.

Although using your mouth to siphon the gas walk work, it"s extremely dangerous due to the fact that the fumes you will be suck can reason death.

Step 2 – advanced the car

Raise the car and secure it through jack stands.

Figure 3. Progressive the car and also secure it with jack stands.

Step 3 – remove hoses associated to tank

Disconnect the filler neck on the side of the tank.Disconnect the 2 hoses alongside the filler neck ~ above the exact same side. (The side where you fill her tank from.)Unplug the electric connector top top the earlier of the tank towards the ago of the car.Disconnect the hoses top top the side opposite of the filler neck next (driver"s side).Disconnect the fuel filter"s hoses linked to both ends. Use your heat disconnect tool, location it in between the filter and also the line, then press out to un-clip it.Figure 4. Disconnect filler neck hose and hoses next to it.Figure 5. Unplug connector ~ above the ago of the tank.Figure 6. Disconnect staying hoses.

Step 4 – drop the fuel tank

To drop the tank, friend will require to ar your jack under it. Progressive the jack till it touches the tank.

The tank is organized in ar by 2 brackets, i beg your pardon are organized in place by one bolt on every side, do it 4 bolts total.

With the tank rested on the jack, eliminate the two brackets, then progressively lower the tank to pull it out of the vehicle.

Figure 7. Bracket"s bolt.Figure 8. Bracket.
Figure 9. Drop tank with jack.

Step 5 – replace fuel pump

Remove the last hose connected directly come the fuel pump utilizing your heat disconnect tool. Unbolt the six bolts holding the fuel pump in place. To traction the assembly out, after unbolting the cover, friend will must squeeze the clip hold the pump in ar as you"re pulling that out.

Install the new pump the same way you took the old one out. Execute not bend the rise arm once you"re putting it in.

Figure 10. Disconnect critical line.Figure 11. Eliminate pump"s cover.Figure 12. Use finger to pull clip in together you pull out.Figure 13. Put new pump in, float eight first.

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Step 6 – download tank earlier in place

Install the line ago into the fuel pump by pushing it in till you hear that clip.Raise the tank using your jack and align the in place. Wrap the two brackets around it and also tighten the four bolts holding lock in place.Go roughly the tank and also connect the hoses you eliminated earlier. You have the right to go ago to action 3 because that reference.Connect the fuel filter"s hoses by advertise them in till they click in place.Connect the electric connector top top the earlier of the tank towards the behind of the car.Pour the gas ago into her tank and start your car.Figure 14. Connect fuel pump line before installing the tank.

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