This automobile has a MAP sensor no e MAF below is the ar of the MAP. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know if you need anything rather to obtain the trouble fixed.

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i bought to CRC kit come clean the mass airflow sensor and the throttle body the accelerator body. Is simple the mass air flow sensor ns cannot find.

The mass air flow sensor is self cleaning no require for that, however if you need to it is between air filter and also throttle body. Check out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us recognize if you require anything else to gain the trouble fixed.

I know it sounds a little dumb. My trouble is that the vault owner cut and spiced a most wires ~ above o2 sensors and also wiring harness around injectors and also throttle body. The book I have says it's expect to have one also, other sites online. Yet I can't find component in any kind of auto components store because that it. If I search for the under 2006 i can uncover after market but not because that 2007, any assist would be great thanks.
great evening, The an easy answer is no. They use a MAP or manifold absolute press sensor instead.What is your concern that provides you ask this question?Roy
~ above the listed car(2002 Hyundai accent GL 1.6ltr.), where is the massive Air circulation located I want to clean it because I have actually a turbulent idle I have actually replaced the plugs, wires, coil pack already, however I need to understand where is the MAF?
The system do not use any MAF. A MAP is used and usually erratic idling is brought about by the ISC (IAC) and also throttle plate gift dirty. You should have actually them cleaned first.Item #3 in diagram is the ISC.
No, execute not attempt to clean the MAP sensor, the is a sensitive component and also can be damaged easily. It functions on vacuum so would not get dirty.
You"re welcome.Usually cleaning it would be enough unless problem codes room present.Have a quite day.
Yeah-I had PO1505 code(open circuit, weak input ns think that"s what it was, but I know I had a code that shown the IAC)-it seems OK now-Thanks again because that your assist

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Hello, I"d appreciate some advice if anyone have the right to help. I bought this auto last week and also it"s been driving fine however the engine examine light came on after a couple of days. Ns took it come a Hyundai dealer today and they diagnosed that it was the air flow sensor that demands replacing. In ~ the very same time ns asked castle to hear to the the aircon (which was sounding rough) and also they advised it would be high-quality to fix - as I"m not bothered around aircon they have actually just disconnected it because that me (so I have the right to use the window fans there is no it coming on automatically). I"m taking the car in to have the component replace following week. What"s concerning me is that when I drove home today the vehicle isn"t control fine no longer although the check light isn"t on! it isn"t increasing properly and is really jumpy. Need to I be worried about this? Is it just because they"ve had a dig about in the sensor and also made that worse? Thanks, Elizabeth