How to replace the timing Belt on a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo

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The Isuzu Rodeo is a pickup truck produced from 1988 come 2002. A common engine because that the 2001 version is a four-cylinder, 2.2-liter engine v a dual overhead camshaft (See reference 1) (See reference 2) . This engine requires a time belt to store the crankshaft and also camshaft synchronized. The most important component of replacing the time belt is ensuring the you save the crankshaft and camshaft in the exactly position during the procedure.




Disconnect the an unfavorable battery cable with a socket wrench to ensure you not inadvertently start the engine.

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Turn the journey belt adjuster clockwise v a box-end wrench to relax the stress on the the drive belt. Remove the drive belt.


Detach the electric connectors from the chassis wiring exploit in the left behind quadrant of the engine compartment.


Disconnect the bolts that connect the crankshaft sheave to the crankshaft through a socket wrench, and also remove the pulley.


Remove the retaining nut the attaches the engine harness cover to the front of the engine, and detach the cover.


Remove the cover because that the time belt with a socket wrench. Turn the crankshaft clockwise to align the time marks on the crankshaft with the timing marks on the crankshaft housing.


Disconnect the adjusting bolt because that the time belt tensioner and remove the tensioner native the engine. Detach the time belt from the crankshaft and also camshaft.



Connect the time belt tensioner and also tighten the adjusting bolt through hand. Revolve the crankshaft clockwise come align its time marks if necessary.


Place a "J-43037" tool in between the input sprocket and exhaust sprocket of the camshaft to host the camshaft in ar while you install the timing belt.


Install the brand-new timing belt while keeping the stress side that the belt taut. Revolve the adjusting lever on the time belt tensioner clockwise till the guideline on the tensioner moves to the center of the "V" notch top top the tensioner housing.


Tighten the adjuster bolt because that the timing belt tensioner to 18 ft. Lbs. Through a torque wrench.


Replace the former cover for the timing belt and also tighten the mounting bolts come 53 in. Lbs. Through a torque wrench. Connect the electric connectors because that the engine harness. Connect the crankshaft pulley and torque its mounting bolts come 14 ft. Lbs.

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Install the journey belt and turn the journey belt adjuster counterclockwise to apply tension to the journey belt. Attach the cable come the an unfavorable battery terminal v a socket wrench.