What go it median when the business engine quickly light comes on in her can and how carry out I reset it? find out what is wrong with your vehicle and how you deserve to repair the from an knowledgeable mechanic.

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Car manufacturers install organization engine shortly lights into cars to merely let the auto owner understand that over there is something that requirements to be watched on their car. Over there are many systems ~ above your vehicle that are monitored by her cars computer. As soon as the computer notices a problem in one of these systems it will rotate on this light to allow the automobile owner understand that they have to take the to their mechanic.

Flashing organization engine quickly lights deserve to be very confusing. What execute they mean? room they important? What have to you do about them? how do you rotate them off?

Drawing from my year of suffer as a mechanic and also questions that I get from my readers, i have provided the common problems and solutions below.


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Reasons Why business Engine quickly Light come On

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Cylinder 1 Misfire, business Engine Soon

I have actually a 2004 Mustang 3.8L V6. I have been having sputtering lately and also the business engine shortly light came on and also blinked twice and then became solid.

I got the password checked and it to be cly. 1 misfire. I have due to the fact that replaced plugs/wires and added Seafoam simply in case it was a dirty injector.

When I changed the plugs/wires the sputter obtained much much better. That doesn"t carry out it while driving now (it was prior to the adjust of plugs/wires). Currently it only does the while idle favor at a stop sign/red irradiate or sitting still. It obtained a bit better after the Seafoam therapy too, but the irradiate is quiet there and also the sputter is quiet there. I additionally noticed my RPMs autumn while i was rolling under my window (power windows).

This has me reasoning that the problem is electrical and not mechanical. I have not done a compression test (do not recognize how/what precisely it is) and I am praying its no a head gasket. Please help!

Answer: hi Jason. Thanks for asking me your question. There are countless things that can cause a misfire. Since you have already replaced the spark plugs and also wires that will assist narrow the down. It could be a trouble with a weak ignition coil because that the #1 cylinder. That could additionally be one injector the is leaky or faulty. The is also possible that the compression is short on that cylinder.Compression tests are relatively easy. Usually you remove all the spark plugs, then thread a compression tester right into the cylinder you want to test then crank the engine and see what the gauge says. If that is low it is probably since of a valve problem or worn rings.It is feasible but unlikely the this problem is brought about by a poor head gasket. If the head gasket is the culprit, there should be many other symptoms as well, v the key one gift overheating.

Your organization engine shortly light will revolve off after ~ you obtain this trouble fixed.

Vehicle Shakes, organization Engine quickly Light On

The service engine shortly light in my automobile comes on and off and also my car shakes a little. I thought It may need some balance or something. Why carry out you think my service light come on and also off? various other than a tiny shaking it seems to be running well. Thank you!Answer: Hi, Sergio. Thanks for asking me her question. The many likely cause of your shaking and your business engine soon light is a cylinder misfire.The first step is to number out the problem code with an OBD II scanner. Alternatively you deserve to take your vehicle to one auto components store and they will be able to read the codes to you. Most of them administer this together a free service.

After you recognize the password you deserve to come earlier to mine website and do a find for it. There are many causes of misfires however some the the common ones that ns see space spark plugs and/or wires, ignition coils, ignition regulate modules, short fuel pressure, faulty fuel injectors, etc. It will take some testing by a experienced technician to figure out why it is happening.It is crucial to acquire this taken care of because all of the extra fuel going right into the catalytic converter can cause it to go bad and they space usually reasonably expensive.

OBD password P1100, service Engine Soon

What is password P1100 ~ above a 1995 Chevy S10 pickup through the 4.3L motor?Answer: This password is for the MAF or Mass air flow Sensor. This is the meaning for password p1100: P1100 MAF Intermittent.The most likely reason of your company engine quickly light is either a dirty MAF or loose wiring or connector. If you desire to clean it just buy some call cleaner and also spray the onto the MAF wire. Be an extremely careful as this cable is an extremely fragile.If this walk not aid then you will certainly probably have to gain some professional help as it might be a pretty hard diagnosis.

OBD password P1105, business Engine Soon

Back in November of critical year, an auto mechanic readjusted the O2 condensor on my car. They had actually some difficulties getting to the part and making the readjust and said they thought they gained it tight.

I have had actually problems due to the fact that then. Currently my car is lacking badly and just last week one error password 1105, i m sorry is the fuel pressure selnoid. Also my business engine quickly light is on. They stated the O2 problem has nothing to carry out with this problem and also refuse to inspect out the O2 condenser.

I plan to have actually someone rather look in ~ it, however need to recognize if a negative exhaust system would cause the password 1105 or if the O2 condensor isn"t in appropriate would this reason the problem. I don"t want to change the fuel push solnoid if it can be one of these. Ns haven"t had actually the exhaust readjust since purchasing and understand (looking in ~ website info) that the manifold has actually something to carry out with the fuel press solnoid.Thanks, Karen (1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GST)

Answer: hi Karen! many thanks for questioning me your question. This code can cause your service engine soon light come come on.

I"m no sure yet I think you average "02 Sensor". I have actually never heard of an 02 condenser. Either way, this sensor probably has nothing to execute with the current code the you have because it is in a completely different system than the O2 sensors.The password you are having actually is created by the cars computer system when it does not see the fuel pressure control solenoid valve working correctly. Most likely it is simply a problem with the solenoid and it needs replacing, yet it might be other things prefer wiring or vacuum problems.The exhaust manifold has actually nothing to execute with the fuel pressure solenoid. Yet the input manifold does since this is wherein the vacuum originates from that help to run the solenoid.It is a good idea come have one more shop examine your vehicle out simply to be certain that this has actually nothing to do with the occupational that was formerly done, however it sounds favor it more than likely does not.

Sulfur Smell, service Engine shortly Light

I have actually a 1997 Toyota 4runner 3.4 V6. My company engine quickly light freshly came on and my exhaust has been much more pungent 보다 normal. Also on occasion the automobile produces a sulfur (rotten egg) smell... Any ideas?

Answer: many thanks for asking me your question. Over there are quite a few things the can cause this type of problem. The very first thing the you have to do is have your codes review with one OBD II scanner. ~ you recognize what the codes room you will have a much far better idea of what might be walking on. You can additionally search for the code numbers on mine website or top top the internet to see what can be leading to them.The sulfur smell or rotten egg smell that you are getting is probably due to too lot unburned fuel being put right into your exhaust system. In other words your engine might be running rich. That is regular to odor this smell some as fuel has actually sulfur in it, but if you have not smelled that before and also your check engine light is on then, over there is most likely a trouble somewhere.

Sometimes just the method you drive can cause an ext of a sulfur smell. If you journey a lot of of brief trips or execute a most aggressive acceleration you might notice the rotten egg smell more. Some brands of gas have an ext sulfur 보다 others too, for this reason the form of fuel the you placed in your auto will also affect it.I think as soon as you get the password figured out and repair every little thing is resulting in it your funny smell have to go away as will certainly your business engine quickly light.

Service Engine soon Light comes On and Off

My car has a high idle, climate it feels like it"s going to stall and radio goes turn off then ago on. I had actually diagnostic done however nothing has come up. The business engine quickly light comes up then transforms off. Any advice? (2002 Pontiac Firebird V6)

Answer: thanks for questioning me your question. If the service engine quickly light has actually come ~ above (even if the is off now) it will have set a code. This would certainly be the very first thing the I would certainly check. The code that is collection will offer you and also idea the what might be bring about the problem.I don"t know who you had actually to the "diagnostic" yet if they couldn"t get the code then I inquiry whether they knew what they to be doing. Any type of time the engine light come on there will be a code. Occasionally it will be stored in history, yet it will certainly be there unless there is a trouble with the computer.There room many, many things that can reason this problem. ~ you gain the code with an OBD II scanner, you deserve to search my site or the net for the source causes.

Car operation Fine, company Engine quickly Light On

What is causing the inspect engine light to which 2000 Ford traveler Sport?

Answer: thanks for asking me her question. The reason that your organization engine quickly light is top top is due to the fact that your computer has found a trouble in one of the equipment or circuits of your car.

Most auto parts stores and many fix shops will read the password for complimentary then you have the right to come ago to my website or search the net to discover out what the causes might be. Even though your auto seems to be running fine, there might be something the is wrong the is bring about damage. The is important that you recognize what is going on therefore you can repair that if needed.

Rough Idle, random Misfire Code, check Engine Soon

2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse-2.4L top top a cold morning, it starts and also idles at around 1300 because that a couple of minutes til it"s warmed up, then idles down to a 100 but doesn"t stall out. Whilst control it appears to operation smooth til girlfriend stop, then the rpm needle bounces everywhere the place (only to go down to 100 again-car shakes favor a leaf.) A few times, once pressing the gas pedal, it will rev up, but go no whereby or just jerk. :(

The dash says company Engine Soon and also it"s thrown an EGR Valve password then a "Random Misfire Code". Ns have readjusted out the IAC already. Any kind of advice would certainly be significantly appreciated! :)

Answer: thanks for questioning me her idle question. The many likely reason of your problem is the the EGR valve is sticking open causing your vehicle to misfire and have a yes, really low idle. That is feasible that that is various other things, yet this is the most likely cause.Any great auto repair shop should be able to diagnose this difficulty without too much trouble. This would certainly be hard to diagnose yourself however if you are good with cars and have the devices you probably could.

Cylinder 6 Misfire, service Engine Soon

My truck has actually 120,000 miles. Cylinder #6 is misfiring every time. Business engine soon light is on. As soon as I crank it, for the first couple of seconds, it sounds choose it does not miss, climate it starts lacking and go not protect against until I revolve the motor off. I confirm the compression at idle and also it confirmed 60 psi. I also checked cylinder #2 and also it showed around 65 psi in ~ idle.

I additionally checked cylinder #2 and it showed about 65 psi at idle. I checked the spark and also I am getting spark native every cylinder. I have 3 coil packs. I also switched the coil package to view if one to be putting much less power out than the others and also nothing changed. Also, once I had actually the compression tester top top cylinder #6, after i was done checking the compression, I thrust in the release valve and smelled gas.

I have actually spark, gas, and also compression. What could the trouble be? (2003 Toyota Tundra 3.4 V6)

Answer: thanks for asking me your question. The very first thing you must do is re-check the compression. If you confirm it with the truck running it would have given you untrue readings. To execute a compression test you should make certain the engine is warm, climate remove all of the spark plugs and also coil packs. Then turn the engine over through the throttle vast open while analysis your compression tester.The factor that you have to redo this test is since your van should have actually a MINIMUM of 145 PSI. Ideally it would be roughly 175 PSI. It should not have less than a 15 PSI difference between the cylinders.After you execute a compression test again if that is still low then squirt a few squirts that oil into the cylinders that room low and also see if the analysis comes up. If it does then it most likely has very worn rings. If it does not then you room most likely looking in ~ a valve problem. Your business engine soon light must go off after you get this repaired.

Service Engine soon Light comes On and Off Sometimes

2003 Jeep cool Cherokee service engine quickly light on and off periodically and sometimes dies at prevent or idle.

Test states something around emissions. Mechanic changed a part, (will have to look at bill to check out what is to be if you need to understand to assist solve problem) yet still go it. The check engine light comes on for a when then may be turn off a job or so. Jeep dies once in a if at stops or idling. That is a 6 cylinder. Ns think mine hubby calls the a right six? many thanks beforehand.

Answer: many thanks for asking me your question. Over there are numerous things that can cause this type of problem and without learning what the password was the was set there is yes, really no method for me to small this down too much. It could be something concerned the emissions or it could also be a difficulty with her idle air control (IAC) valve or circuit.Judging indigenous your description I"m guessing that the mechanic replaced the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve hoping that it would resolve the problem. This part can cause this type of problem, yet it requirements to it is in tested and also diagnosed an initial to be certain that is what is resulting in it.I would certainly talk through the mechanic the did the work and also tell them the you either desire your money back since the didn"t settle the problem that he said he would certainly or a credit transaction for diagnosing and also fixing the yes, really problem. If that won"t carry out it then it"s time to find one more mechanic.

Car Vibrates while Stopping and is slow to Accelerate

My 2001 Ford Mustang, V6, 3.8L, (172,000 miles) vibrates once I"m stopped at red lights and also slow to accelerate after stops. Ns have had a full tune up, brand-new spark plugs and also fuel mechanism flush and also check and still having actually problems. The light says organization Engine Soon. The password reader to be a PO302, Cylinder 2 misfire and Cylinder 6 misfire.

The repair shop stated that they might not assist me, yet thought it might be a broken head gasket. Is this a opportunity or might it be the wrong spark plugs (Bosch brand)? I"ve heard the this brand walk not occupational well through Fords. Help!

Answer: The an initial thing you should do is find one more repair shop...one that will certainly actually do good work and care around their customers. If your vehicle did not have actually this problem prior to you had actually the song up then it is most most likely something castle messed increase on.The misfires space the factor for the vibration and low power. The most likely reason of these misfires space spark plug wires that were overcome or maybe not seated appropriately (assuming they are the best ones for your car).It is possible but really unlikely the your vehicle has a head gasket trouble (especially if it has never overheated) or any type of other significant problems. Ns think friend will discover that the is probable a an easy fix if girlfriend can find a an excellent mechanic come look in ~ it.

Service Engine Soon, Mechanic Can"t Diagnose Problem

My 1999 Toyota Camry LE, 4 cylinder through 126,000 miles, the company engine shortly light keeps coming on.

I"ve lugged it to a really dependable and honest repair guy who I"ve provided for years and also he has, I"m told, the many expensive diagnostic machine out there. I"ve carried it over there 3-4 times and after the critical time he said that the can"t find what the difficulty is & why the irradiate keeps comes on. He hasn"t charged me the last 2 time after he assumed he addressed it (the second time), therefore I understand he"s trying to perform the right thing.After a job or two, the company engine quickly light goes off just to come earlier on an additional day or two later & continue to be on because that a pair days. However, the vehicle seems come be running fine. I"m wonder if the is just a short somewhere.Is it worth trying to obtain a second opinion? I"m loathe to carry it to a dealership come pay few of their exorbitant rates.

Answer: In mine opinion it would be worth it to obtain a second opinion if your continuous mechanic cannot settle it. You have the right to do part checking you yourself on the net if you uncover out what the password is. I have actually quite a couple of codes detailed on my website and there are a lot on various other websites together well.Some password are very hard to trace down. That sounds like you have actually a an excellent mechanic so i don"t think he ripping you off, however if the can"t number this one out you will desire to take it somewhere the can. Ns don"t know how he would feel about it but you could even ask that if he knows anyone else the might be able to figure that out.Sometimes dealerships have good diagnostic techs, yet many time a really great independent shop is even better.It is essential to obtain this repaired also though your vehicle is running fine. The computer system has i found it a problem, and also most of the time these troubles will be causing some type of damages even it is seems to be running well.

OBD password P0325, automobile Skips and also Bucks

My 2000 Nissan Xterra has actually a poor misfire as soon as it gets warm. While that is cold it appears to be O.K. However gets significantly worse as its warming up. Over there is no business engine soon light on. When it"s running and hot it bucks badly.

There is a P0325 password pending which I thought was a an outcome of the bucking and the misfiring. Also after i clear the codes the 0325 code will certainly come back, ns can"t see the punch sensor resulting in the bucking and also skipping. The truck has actually 145,000 miles on it and also has been well cared for.

I installed a new set that spark plug wires thinking it can be a bad wire. A girlfriend told me his Nissan pick up truck to be doing the very same thing and said that I essential to replace the distributor. The engine is a 3.3 V6 with an automatic trans and also 4x4. Thanks for any help. JimAnswer: The computer uses the punch sensor to tell once your engine knocks. If it does climate the computer will readjust ignition time to do it so that does no knock. If the hit sensor to be malfunctioning and also sending the wrong signal come the computer then the computer system might be drastically changing the timing which could account for her driveability problems.

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Code P0325 will certainly not ever before go away even if you turn the organization engine shortly light off because it is a constant fault. The computer will test the hit sensor circuit often and also will collection code P0325 till the problem gets fixed.The computer will not necessarily revolve the inspect engine irradiate on through this code because it go not recognize that the signal is bad. It simply thinks the there is a knock since of what the sensor is telling it.Most likely this is just a poor sensor, but it could likewise be a difficulty with the wiring for the sensor circuit.