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Tell me what you room using.I am planning ~ above servicing my own automobile from now on and was wondering what is the best form of liquid to use.The hands-on says to use genuine Nissan ATF, Dexron III/Mercon or tantamount ATF. But I to be looking at some power steering fluid and nowhere does it state what sort of power steering liquid it is. It just says they are for imports, european cars, domestic, etc. Is it okay to usage those? or have to I stick come what is recommended.



whatever matic-s to be left over from mine trans and transfer situation flush and a few ounces of lucas strength steering liquid conditioner
i dont think Ive ever before bought strength steering liquid for any of my cars ive always just used trans fluid

My owners hands-on doesn"t speak to united state atf. It says use Nissan psf or equivalent? What is equivalent? i was around to usage atf however it made me nervous that it didn"t say it was ok in the hands-on or ~ above the cap?

My owners hands-on doesn"t say to united state atf. It says use Nissan psf or equivalent? What is equivalent? i was about to use atf yet it made me nervous the it didn"t to speak it was ok in the hands-on or top top the cap?
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I have accessibility to MOCO fluids i m sorry is the fluids that bulk of dealerships lug for services. In my prior vehicles (being Nissans) I just use the recommended sheep of Lucas strength steering and fill to suitable level the the Moco fluid. Never ever had any issues and don"t gain dirty as fast.
My 2008 manual says Nissan PSF (power steering fluid) then has a note that in Canada - *4: Canada, NISSAN automatic Transmission fluid or, DEXRON™ VI type ATF may also be used.
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