How to replace Rear home window Regulator 00-05 Buick LeSabre

This video will display you just how to remove the door panel and replace and test the home window regulator to aid you get your windows ago in functioning order

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Pry off the door latch bezel eliminate the Phillips screw hiding behind it. Usage a putty knife and a fabric rag to pry up and also unclip the door panel Unplug the wiring harness. Very closely peel ago the water shield eliminate the polystyrene foam block through pulling the end the pins.
Unbolt the window from the regulator through a 10 mm socket and also driver Tape up the home window with artist tape to secure it out of the way. Un-install the module to pull ago the water shield further with your 10 mm socket and also driver. Unbolt the 3 10 mm nuts anchoring home window regulator and motor come the door. remove the window regulator and unplug the wiring harness.
Finesse the regulator into the door and also situate it into the window tracks. Bolt in the 3 bolts, fastening the 10 mm nuts through your socket and ratchet to install it. Plugin the wiring harness. Untape the home window and lower it into the home window regulator and also bolt the in. Change the water shield and bolt the module earlier on. Reassemble the door dashboard by trimming it back on and also replacing the Phillips screw. Clip the door latch bezel back into place.

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Tools essential for replacement

general Tools

Putty Knife

Materials, Fluids, and Supplies

Painter's Tape

Cloth Rags

Ratchets & associated

Socket Extensions


Screwdrivers & related

Flat tongue Screwdriver

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Sockets - Metric

10mm Socket

Specialty tools

Door panel Removal Tool

Brought to you by, your resource for top quality replacement parts and also the best service top top the Internet.Hi, I"m Mike Green. I"m one of the owners of 1A Auto. I desire to aid you conserve time and money repairing or keeping your vehicle. I"m going to use my 20-plus years suffer restoring and also repairing cars and trucks prefer this to show you the correct means to install components from The right parts installed correctly. That"s going to conserve you time and money. Thank you and also enjoy the video.In this video, we"re going to display you exactly how to remove and replace the rear window regulator top top this 2003 Buick LeSabre. Typical problem, the cable in these regulators break. The devices you"ll need are a Phillips and flat tongue screwdrivers, a putty knife or door dashboard clip tool, and a 10-mm socket with a ratchet and also extension. Take it a regular screwdriver, tenderness pry out, hands under. Pull the trim panel best out. There"s a tiny Phillips screwdriver ideal here. Remove that screw. Now, you"re walk to use a putty knife or a door panel clip tool. Job-related it under. Really pull quick and firm. It come up and off. Then, in behind here, there"s a small lead. The command is clipped on here. I simply unclipped it. Press down that. Take it off.Speed it up here as you very closely pull back your water shield, and also then, there"s the Styrofoam block. Use some pliers to pull the pins out and then remove it. I actually finished up break it accidentally. There"s two bolts that hold clamps to your window, and also when the home window is every the means up, you deserve to see them ideal there and also there, and what frequently happens on this is the cable snaps. When the cable snaps, you deserve to still pull your window up and down, and also that"s basically what you want to do. You desire to traction your window as far as up as you have the right to so girlfriend can acquire to those 2 bolts. A 10 mm and an extension. We"ll quick forward together I simply loosen those bolts increase some. At this suggest here, girlfriend would press your home window down and also then pull it ago up complimentary of those clamps. I"m going come replug in my switch here. You have the right to see my window goes down, and those clamps have to be loosened enough to traction my window up out of the way. Take, use a tiny painters tape simply to sort of host the window in place. Just taping it come the optimal of the door frame.We"re walk to eliminate this module here. Really just make it much easier to get in there and also disconnect the window motor. I"m walk to speed it up as I disconnect and also then pull the water shield ago further. You deserve to see appropriate in here, and our window motor connection and also we basically simply want to push down ~ above this tab and also pull the out. Take it a regular screwdriver, and basically, I just kind of functioned it in the earlier here, pried up a small bit, traction back. Now, eliminate this nut. I"ll speed it up below once again as I simply remove the 3 10-mm nuts that host the regulator come the door. Now, I"m going to take it the regulator due to the fact that I desire it earlier like that. It comes out. It have to ... Sort of come out like that. Here"s my initial regulator. Brand-new regulator indigenous 1A Auto. You deserve to see the new one from 1A Auto is every the same. It"s going come bolt in, plug in the same. Just has actually a tiny bit shipping tabs on the studs here to just defend it. Just minor distinction is the the window motor has a little lead ~ above it quite than a plug top top the motor. That actually makes it a little bit easier. This one"s working fine in mine car, so never ever one to waste a part. Put it back in here. I"m walk to start with that upside down. Drop it in and down. Eventually, that goes in after ~ contorting it. Choose the earlier up like that. You need to make sure that the height goes on the within of your home window and guide this stud up and in to there, and the rest of the regulator prefer that. Begin our 10-mm nuts. A small bit of quick forward together we begin those nuts and also then tighten castle up v our ratchet and also socket. Once you tighten them, you don"t have actually to obtain them very tight. They need to be nice and firm, however you don"t desire to end tighten them. Take it our lead, plug the in. Remove our tape. Slowly lug the window down and also get call into the clamps. V the key on, reconnect ours switch. Run it all the method up. Best in here. Tighten these up nice and also firm.It goes up and down, no problem. We use a small bit that white duct ice cream to placed our block back together. Put that ago in. Additionally bolt that module ago in. Ns forgot to film that, therefore bolt that module back in. Put your shield back on, and also then, you"re prepared to put the door panel ago on. Switch ago on here. Reconnect this lead. Again, the clips ideal up here. Now, there"s a metal strip follow me here. You should make certain it clips in come this channel increase here, and also it"s, usually start out pushing it against ... Make sure you"re okay, tabs walk in. Carefully put your screw in.We hope this help you out. Brought to girlfriend by, your resource for quality replacement parts and the ideal service on the Internet. Please feel free to call us toll complimentary 888-844-3393. We"re the agency that"s right here for friend on the Internet and also in person.