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Hopped in my 2002 Ram1500 to go to job-related this morning and also I acquired an engine light. Did the three vital jiggle and out popped a P1491 code. Looked it up in ~ work and a short article on an additional forum led me to the number 39 fuse ac fan relay or something.After job-related I confirm the fuse and also sue enough it to be blown. I stopped in at Fred Meyer to gain a replacement. Put it in and also cleared the code once I acquired home. The irradiate is currently off.I am not sure why this fuse go out. Lock don"t just randomly go out. There has to be a root cause here somewhere. If anyone else has any experience with this issue, please let me know.Thanks.

P1491 Radiator pan Ctrl Relay CircuitP1491 Chrysler - Radiator fan Relay Circuit ConditionPossible causes- Faulty Radiator Fan manage Relay- Radiator Fan control Relay exploit is open up or shorted- Radiator Fan control Relay circuit poor electrical connection What go this mean? What walk this mean?When is the code detected?The Engine manage Module (ECM) has actually detected an open up or shorted problem in the radiator pan relay circuitPossible symptoms- Engine light ON (or company Engine shortly Warning Light)
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