The 2002 traveler is a sports Utility vehicle manufactured by Ford motor Company. Its launch significant a new era for SUV vehicles since they to be only preferred for usage on stormy terrains and off-road. However, the traveler proved that SUVs have the right to be useful for day-to-day purposes, making it one of the popular vehicles the year. 

The 2002 Ford explorer was introduced in two variants. The first version was the 4.6-liter V-type v eight cylinders and the 2nd version was the 4.0-liter V-6. Both this models were obtainable in one of two people a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatically transmission. Back the explorer boasted tremendous features, the 5-speed automatic infection was not an extremely durable. There room three significant problems with the 5R55W transmission.

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1) Flashing Over-Drive Light

One that the most common problems associated with the 5R55W transmission that was used in the 2002 Ford traveler is the the flashing over-drive light. The flashing OD light offered an error code that pointed come a solenoid failure. However, once the solenoid to be replaced, there were reports that the infection locking up. In such a case, the transmission had actually to be rebuilt.

2) infection Overheating and Harsh gear Shifting

Another common issue with the Explorer’s infection was overheating. It would certainly randomly overheat also if it to be being offered as specified. An aftermarket infection cooler can be set up to fix this failure, yet this pointed towards a defect in the original design. Harsh equipment shifting was also noticed in the 5R55W. The transmission would shudder and also vibrate when the gears would transition down and also at time while accelerating.

3) failure of the Solenoid

Solenoids room responsible for regulating various attributes within the automatic transmission. The explorer started displaying difficulties with the solenoids in the 5R55W at just a few thousand miles. If the solenoids go fail, the transmission would not change gears and the talk converter i will not ~ operate. Although replacing the solenoid is no as expensive, it deserve to be attention if it stops working while steering on the highway.

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If you do have actually a infection failure or room experiencing such problems with her 5R55W design transmission, the is best to call a us immediately before a trouble worsens or damages an ext of the vehicle.


Hello mine 2002 traveler 4.0 liter 5 rate automatic transmission 4×4 just quit working no warning whatever was fine v it i went out and started the up and went come leave and also when I placed it in equipment nothing it acts like its in neutral in every gears other than for park it functions fine there was no password that came up on it at all what might it be there is no line pressure I to be thinking possibly the selinoid in the pump is stuck open up other than that I’m clue less so you re welcome any assist will be greatly appreciated