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There are numerous Youtube videos however they space not because that the correct year and also you can destroy delicate plastic parts if you follow it together shown.This job requires patience and also correct tools. The measures are as follows:1) eliminate the home window crank. You will need a universal window crank remove tool available at most auto supply stores for around $5. If girlfriend buy the Doorman brand girlfriend will require to record the inside notch 2 mm to make it more comprehensive to slide end the plastic crank internal post.Hyundai engineers made decision to use a much shorter horseshoe clip and also you will certainly NOT view the finish of it also if girlfriend pried hard. You will gouge the door panel.Slide the tool between the door panel and also the plastic washer native the crank take care of side (the tapered end). You may need to press hard and use a plier come tap the device to push that clip the end a bit. You will feel the device slide down a little aftet that pushes the end that clip. Look at the the opposite side and you have to see the back of the clip. You have the right to use a bent document clip or very fine needle sleep pliers to pull it out half way and also then giggle the crank if pulling in the direction of you to eliminate the crank. Eliminate the clip and store it in a ziplock bag.2) Pry the plastic bezel on optimal of the mirror adjustment handle from the jamb side closely to remove it. There are two tabs holding it, top and bottom.3) eliminate the 3 screws on optimal of the panel near the door hinge and 2 at the bottom.4) remove the single screw in the recess cup the the inside latch handle.5) remove the cap from the eight rest/handle encountering towards the front. Leave the back cap alone. Eliminate the long screw inside making use of a phillips head.6) using a stubborn putty knife pry the plastic fasteners locking the panel to the door close to the jamb side and also bottom. Feel them first and then pry carefully until that separates.7) making use of the putty knife press the ago of the within latch handle cup towards the front and also at the same time background the bottom of the banel towards you to different the cup native the door panel. As soon as it is loosened you will must lift the whole door panel towards you slightly and at the same time pushing up to different it indigenous the top near the home window ledge. 8) when the panel is turn off the optimal you will should rotate that clockwise 90 degree to permit that latch handle cup to on slide through and out the earlier and the panel need to be free.While pulling usage gentle steady push making sure nothing is binding. Execute NOT jerk it you will crack the plastic.9) as soon as the dashboard is off you have the right to easily accessibility the front speakers.10) The Exterior door handles are made that cheap plastic and also frequently break. If you great to change the exterior door handle and lock assembly, carefully use a sharp knife to eliminate the black color sealing putty to remove the top half of the plastic sheet. Slide the home window crank earlier WITHOUT the clip top top the shaft and crank the window all the method up.11) You can now watch the back of the door handle and also the linking rods. You will must pry and rotate the plastic capture on the rods linked to the door handle. Take it a picture before girlfriend remove any parts. One stick is linked to the optimal which is driven down as soon as you background the handle. The other thin rod is associated to the lock mechanism.12) friend will need to remove the home window glass monitor at the back. There space two bolts holding it. One within the door cavity and also one top top the back side the the door. These room 10mm bolts.13) The front door manage bolt is basic to reach. The earlier bolt requires you come insert an extension through a ring hole in the metal part of the door. The bolts space 10mm.14) once the 2 10mm bolts are removed you can push the end the handle and lock assembly outwards.Installation is in reverse sequence. Use silicone on plastic components to lubricate for simple installation.For the door crank handle final installation.insert the plastic washer and also slide that horse shoe clip in the groove of the crank. The end of the clip face the tapered edge of the crank. Then push it in steady on the pillar until you hear a click. Traction it to make certain it is sit correctly.Good luck.

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Take it you time and patience and no brute force on plastic parts.Hyundai designers really do this challenging for the DIY. Ns fail to recognize the korean mind??