When it comes to giant automobile companies in the world, Toyota motor Corporation occupiesthe second spot. The company was established by Kiichiro Toyoda in 1937. They have theirheadquarters situated in Toyota, Aichi, Japan.

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Toyota dare are known for their great looks and performance. The maker's architecture eachmodel maintaining in psychic the comfort of users. The finest thing around Toyota is the theymanufacture all arrays of cars, ranging from sporting activities cars come off-road vehicles to evenpickup trucks.

But in this post, we are here to talk around the Toyota Avalon II XX20. This model is apart of the second generation Avalon series, the production of which was started in2000 and also ended in 2004.

Toyota Avalon II (XX20): 2000 to 2004

Toyota Avalon II (XX20) is one of the finest Avalon models ever before made by the company. Itwas first manufactured in 2000 and also it ongoing till 2004, after i m sorry the companystarted do the third generation Avalon vehicles.

Toyota Avalon II (XX20) was a auto that grew larger in every aspect. However, that retainedthe same wheelbase as the previously models. Avalon's second-gen cars were bases top top theCamry platform and also were backed by a 3.0 litre engine equipped v VVT-i.The Avalon II cars were easily accessible in two trims consisting of the XLS and also XL. This carswere loaded through lots of an excellent features favor the 4-wheel disc, 15 inches allow wheels,front torso side airbags, and also electroluminescent Optitron gauges.

The second-gen Avalon likewise featured a built-in 115 V AC power inverter. It to be the firstcar to have actually such a feature. However, the agency didn’t continue this feature in thethird generation.

Later, they added a brand-new grille and also newly design taillights and also headlights in the 2003model.

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Toyota Avalon II (XX20) is a full-size, comfortable auto equipped through all the rightfeatures. The sad lock no longer have actually these cars accessible in the market.

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Fuse crate location


Fise box is located: 1) and also 2) - in the engine compartment; 3) in the instrument panel, top top the left side of the driver"s seat

FuseAmpere (A)Functions
1. HEAD RH15 ARight−hand headlight, high beam indicator light
2. HEAD LH15 ALeft−hand headlight, prior fog lights
3. ABS NO.45 AVehicle skid manage system
4. SPARE30 ASpare fuse
5. SPARE15 ASpare fuse
6. SPARE25 ASpare fuse
7. SPARE10 ASpare fuse
8. ALT−S5 ACharging system
9. DCC30 ADOME", ECU−B" and RADIO" fuses
10. SRS WRN5 ASRS warning light
11. HAZ15 ATurn signal lights
12. A/F25 AAir/Fuel sensor
13. DOOR NO.215 APower door lock system
14. HORN10 AHorn, theft−deterrent system
15. AM210 ASRS airbag system, multiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection system, starter system, charging system, air/fuel sensor, fuel pump
16. EFI NO.27.5 AMultiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection system, air circulation meter, oxygen sensor, evaporative emission control system, throttle positioner control system, engine manage system
17. ABS NO.325 AAnti−lock brake system
18. ABS NO.225 AVehicle skid regulate system
19. EFI NO.115 AMultiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection system, fuel pump
20. IG215 AMultiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection system
21. HEAD RH UPR10 ANo circuit
22. HEAD LH UPR10 ANo circuit
23. HEAD RH LWR15 ARight−hand headlight (low beam)
24. HEAD LH LWR15 ALeft−hand headlight (low beam)
25. DRL7.5 ADaytime running light system
26. HEAD LH UPR10 ALeft−hand headlight (high beam), high beam indicator light
27. HEAD RH UPR10 ARight−hand headlight (high beam)
28. ECU−IG NO.15 AElectric cooling fans
29. ECU−B7.5 AAir air conditioning system, theft deterrent system, strength seats, meters, power home windows (for driver and front passenger), multiplex interaction system
30. TAIL10 AParking lights, patent plate lights, tail lights, rear side mite lights, behind light fail warning light, engine manage system
31. Chair HTR20 ASeat heaters
32. FR P/W20 APower window (for former passenger)
33. GAUGE NO.110 AVehicle skid manage system, rear home window defogger, cruise regulate system, shift lock system, anti−lock brake system, auto anti− glare inside rear check out mirror, automatically light regulate system, power seats, rear light failure warning light, automatic infection indicator lights, power outlet, power home window (for driver), brake mechanism warning light, electrical moon roof
34. HTR10 AAir air conditioning system
35. FOG15 AFront fog lights
36. TURN7.5 ATurn signal lights
37. A/C10 AAir conditioning system
38. RADIO15 AAudio system, multi−information display
39. PANEL5 AGauges and meters, audio system, tobacco lighter, air conditioning system, emergency flasher, electronically controlled automatic infection system, power rear watch mirrors, multi−information display, glove box light, instrument dashboard lights, instrument panel irradiate control, power outlet
40. FL P/W25 APower window (for driver)
41. PWR OUTLET NO.115 APower outlet (ACC)
42. ECU−ACC5 AAudio system, power rear check out mirrors, multi−information display, shift lock system, multiplex communication system
43. SRS−ACC10 ASRS airbag system
44. MIR HTR10 AOutside rear check out mirror defoggers, engine regulate system
45. PWR OUTLET NO.215 APower outlet (IG)
46. GAUGE NO.210 ABack−up lights
47. OBD−II7.5 AOn−board diagnosis system
48. STOP15 AStop lights, high an installed stoplight, anti−lock brake system, change lock system, cruise control system, auto skid manage system, engine regulate system
49. DOME7.5 AInterior light, front an individual lights, door courtesy lights, ignition switch light, vanity lights, garage door opener, open door warning light, illuminated entrance system, rear an individual lights, automatically light control system, stems light, wireless remote control system, multiplex interaction system
50. OPNER5 ANo circuit
51. RL P/W20 APower home window (for rear left passenger)
52. RR P/W20 APower window (for rear appropriate passenger)
53. WIP25 AWindshield wipers and also washer
54. ECU−IG NO.210 AAnti−lock brake system, cruise control system, multi−information display, theft deterrent system, car skid regulate system, meters, multiplex communication system
55. CIG15 ACigarette lighter
56. DOOR NO.125 ATheft deterrent system, tribe opener, multiplex communication system
57. Sunlight ROOF30 AElectric moon roof
58. AM140 AMultiport fuel injection system/ sequential multiport fuel injection system
59. HTR50 AAir conditioning system
60. CDS30 AElectric cooling fans
61. RDI30 AElectric cooling fans
62. MAIN40 AStarter system
63. DEF40 ARear home window defogger, noise filter
64. PWR SEAT30 APower seats
65. ABS60 AAnti−lock brake system, ABS NO.4" fuse
66. ALT120 AHTR", A/C", ABS NO.2", ABS NO.3", RDI", CDS", AM1", ABS" and ABS NO.4" fuses