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Hi all - I"m new to the, yet not brand-new to Toyota"s. I have actually owned(2) 4-Runners and also I am at this time in negotiations through a Dealer for a 2006 Certified Pre-Owned Sequoia. The critical hurdle we have actually come up against is the the vault owner to be a smoker and also the vehicle reaks of cigarettes. The dealer is running a ozone generator in the car now, however told me the he was additionally going to change the Cabin wait Filter. I think the dealer is make the efforts to punch smoke increase something (sorry for the pun) due to the fact that don"t believe this specific vehicle has actually a cabin air filter, yet can"t find anything to check this ~ above web. I desire to have actually my facts straight once I call him top top his bluff, so deserve to anyone confirm these vehicles execute not have a CAF?
I"ll try to give this a shot...Many Vehicles (toyota included) do have actually Cabin air Filter, numerous of castle are situated behind the glove box or near the blower vent and also motor... However, i do not think that Sequoia is equipted with a Cabin wait filter. Smokers remnents are an extremely hard to do away with. Most of the moment the ideal you can do is mask the smell. :sosad::smokin:
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This Sequioa doesn"t have actually a cabin wait filter. Besides, even if that did, the wouldn"t make a difference. Cig smell is cursed near impossible to acquire out, even with those sophisticated ozone machines. If that bugs you, find one more one. It"s not prefer you"re shopping because that a standard Porsche, you know?
Don"t to buy it unless you want something rather to cause you to worry about your health. There are too numerous cars out there to resolve on this one. Find an additional one.
did call my neighborhood toyota dealer and they"ve said me the it is no equipped v caf. So i don"t think your prospect sequoia has one since mine is 06 as well. Regarding that smoke, male that"s so tough to remove. Goodluck on those...

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The present generation Sequoia was not equipped v a cabin air filter for any kind of year or model. The following generation will certainly be (2008).
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