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hello, mine 4x4 stopped working a couple of months earlier and i recently made decision to dig with these court trying to discover a solution. After much digging i believe the most likely reason for this failure is the TCCM (i have actually a 2002 trailblazer)the trouble is currently my i can not qualify to locate the TCCM. I understand on the ford explorer its under the stereo but considering just how much the a chore the is to remove the dash on the trailblazer it seems wiser to ask right here first. Also if someone could point me come a website that sells 2003 trailblazer TCCMs ns would substantially appreciate it. Give thanks to you for her time. :thxEdit: i have been looking roughly alot because that the TCCM and i keep gaining mixed answers some say ontop the the transfer situation others say behind the dash

Easy bud, as soon as you are sitting in the vehicle drivers seat, her left points in ~ it, you have to take turn off the 2 absent pannels under steering wheel height left behind the irradiate switch. If you open the vehicle drivers door, over there is a pannel top top the dash, the side encountering the door, eliminate this and also look inside under alittle come the left behind part wires friend will see it.:thumbsup:

You have actually the automobile thatha sthe no so great TCCM, so girlfriend symptoms should be, begin car, all lights speed on selector knob for a 2nd or two, the the totality thing walk out? right? so if this is the problem make certain you gain a TCCM native a 2003 or more recent Vehicle, might be TB, Envoy, Accender ant gmt 360 communication base.
Thank you an extremely much for her help, and those occur to it is in the specific symptoms i am at this time experiencing now i deserve to start trying to find a replacment :thx

Thank you an extremely much for her help, and those occur to be the precise symptoms ns am currently experiencing now i deserve to start in search of a replacment :thx
Always remember: where you go, there you are!:dielaugh:PCM4less,HID,DRL killer,cabin wait filter,Mobil 1,K&N,LED"s,230K+,
How carry out the TCCM connectors release?
After city hall videos and reading I finally located the TCCM on my 2008 trailblazer. Ns can"t acquire the cursed connectors loose. There is VERY small room to obtain at them. The wiring harness is an extremely tight and also wraps approximately the center connector. They have a blue tab sticking out. Just how do you relax them? I understand it"s a simple question yet I oath GM uses various connectors on everything. I have the exact same symptoms as willstab. As soon as I shot to switch into 4WD the light just blinks. 4WD never ever kicks in.Any assist would be considerably appreciated!
I offer up!!!!!
After suffering the very same symptoms as countless of you ( won"t change into 4wd, light just flashes) ns am the end of options. I have replaced the former and an additional actuators, the TCCM, and also the dash switch. Still no 4wd. I have actually pretty much replaced the whole system. Any kind of ideas ~ above what to try next? thanks a lot!
I am yes, really hoping someone has uncovered the definitive fix.
As ns dropped my sons truck turn off at the mechanic to have actually a several hundred dollars that powersteering leak fixes performed... Ns noticed that every time I begin it up, the knob flashes for 2wd and then goes out. Which leaves me to think that will certainly be the following hole to throw money in ...

You have actually the auto thatha sthe not so an excellent TCCM, so girlfriend symptoms have to be, start car, all lights flash on selector knob because that a 2nd or two, the the entirety thing goes out? right? therefore if this is the difficulty make sure you gain a TCCM indigenous a 2003 or more recent Vehicle, might be TB, Envoy, Accender ant gmt 360 platform base.
When it just blinks that means it is trying come shift. If it climate goes solid everywhere other than whereby the selector switch is set to, then the transition failed.

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