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Had my automobile to a mechanic because that this issue. He tells me the password was the former airbag sensor was malfunctioning. Just how do I change the sensor? I have a new sensor come install.

Before you download it, you might want to verify the is the trouble by checking your own DTC"s utilizing your on-board computer. Follow these instructions if you don"t recognize how: should obtain "current" DTC B0100 or B0101 or B0102. If friend do, examine to view that the front sensor cable is plugged in. Remove the splash guard under the engine to view the former sensor and its wire. The is mounted behind the front bumper. If cable is unbroken and also plugged in, then readjust the sensor - it has a single screw holding that in place IIRC. Begin engine and DTC need to go come "history" native "current" and also airbag light should go out. Reinstall splash guard.
Cougar, thanks for the reply! No password found? make the efforts what remained in your post and also nothing happened. Additionally hooked up OBDll with no luck. Walk that median it is no necessarily the former sensor? What else have the right to it be? If that is front sensor, should I pull fuses or disconnect battery?

Black magic: Buckle the former belts. Firmly and forcibly totally extend and also retract the lap and shoulder belts. Yank top top the buckle and pretensioner area - the buckle is attached come a springloaded pretensioner that is part of the sensed circuits. Unbuckle, hop in, buckle up and also pray. You might get lucky.
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Car should have actually a "B" DTC to collection the airbag light. Space you complying with the precise instructions in the link? go you watch a perform of multiple equipment one at a time in alphabet order and every one said "no codes"? FSM calls for airbag fuse to it is in pulled when working on any type of airbag component. That is in the rear fuse panel under the back seat, and also is labelled "SIR" (supplemental blow up restraint).Edit: below beat me to it; good idea to try his trick, but something told your mechanic the front sensor is bad, and also that something was most likely a "B" DTC.
I organized temperature button and also passenger heat "up" button and nothing happened. No codes appeared anywhere. Execute you need to hold it because that a minute? after 30 seconds nothing happened. Ns tried black magic about six months back for same problem. The did work!... Then. Not this time. Will shot black magic again tomorrow.

You pull codes through the DIC controls, no the HVAC controls,that"s because that older models. Check out the sticky again.
My airbag light issue was addressed by unplugging the connector under the driver"s seat and also plugging the in again.
I organized temperature button and passenger warm "up" button and also nothing happened. No codes showed up anywhere.
Read the suitable year and also model indict in the sticky. The 2000 and later cars differ from earlier models in that they use the 3 DIC manage buttons/rocker to access the diagnostic system.DIC, HVAC, etc., etc. ? examine the acronyms sticky. Read the owner"s manual.
Thanks Sub! i reread and also get acquire a B0100 current. I am guessing that way replace the sensor? also got codes RFA C 0750, 55, 60 and 65?
B0100 usually way you need a brand-new sensor. Yet see article #2, together it can likewise be a broken or loose wire causing the sensor. Examine that an initial before replacing the sensor.On your various other codes, please post the definitions, as no one has actually them every memorized. Just how to find meanings is in the same sticky instructions.
I just established the various other codes are tire pressure management. Do the efforts The witchcraft the did not work. The sounds like I am instead of the airbag sensor and also TPMS?
The witchcraft usually works for side influence airbag and also pretentioner codes. The impact sensors aren"t regarded anything close to the seats.----------Take the car to a chain tires shop. They can examine if the TPMS monitors are transmitting. If they"re not, the"ll need to be replaced.
Where is the front airbag sensor located? I watch no wires or sensor peaking v the former bumper.
You need to take turn off the splash security under the engine to view it. See short article #2. The is behind the prior bumper and also cannot be watched from the front of the car.
No clue. If it looks like a bolt, it"s a bolt, probably metric. If that looks much more like a screw, it"s more than likely Torx drive.
Don"t recall what kind of screw the is, yet I think it is left-handed (turns in opposite direction of most screws, clockwise to loosen). Shot it both ways in case my recall is faulty.Edit: make sure brand-new sensor snaps right into place dealing with forward just like the old sensor, otherwise it may not activate the airbags in a frontal collision even though the airbag warning irradiate is out.
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