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I"m law a 2wd conversion and also noticed that I have a leaking steering rack, i was wondering wherein the power steering fluid was going! so I need to get it the end of the means anyways for the oil pan to come the end so I figure I"ll just remove it and replace.Pretty straightforward v the 2 big bolts, I"ve removed those and the spindle nuts. Over there is a boot around where it connects come the steering any tips on exactly how to gain to the remainder of the stuff to acquire it out of there?

I seem come remember reading on Trailvoy to disconect the airbags prior to doing the rack. Here are a couple of links to help you out.Here is whatever you require to know with pics. is a simple breakdown with speak specs. and be careful with the airbag stuff!
Building a TT LS2 AWD / 4L80 94 Jeep GCTargeting 1.? sec 0-60 - Praying because that 1.5
Twin 75/103mm ~ 60mm gates ~ 50mm BOVs

Good info, whats crazy is i think I have the tool, I had it because that a deal with in mine tahoe....of course currently I have actually to uncover it....
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