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Hello All, brand new here, expect someone have the right to help, I have a 2003 RAV 4 auotmatice basemodel (4 cyl) I have actually been shopping about for the 90,000 mile time belt instead of andcontacting number of dealerships in mine area, one dealership called me a 2003 RAV4doesn"t have a timing belt it has actually a timing chain and also I perform not must do anythingfor timing belt/chain at 90,000 mi the other dealership called me i do require the time belt readjusted on 2003 and also quoted me $825 walk the 2003 have actually a timing belt or not ???????

2.0L in a 2003 is a timing chain. There must not be any type of maintenance on a timing chain for the "life" of a engine. Or, in ~ least, I would not worry about it for at the very least 250K miles.
Mine is a 2003 2.0L and it has a belt. It"s a D4D though. Http://

okay....i have actually the same model and am feather for response to this.....If I have actually a "timing chain".....does the literally look choose a chain? favor all metal? ns looked on the left next (facing the engine) and it looks prefer a rubber belt does that average I have the timing belt rather than the chain? ns at 106700 miles and also need to figure out what maintenance actions i must do top top this baby.......

1az-fe has actually a timing chain, don"t worry around itthe belt you check out if the serpentine belt that drives the ac compressor, alternator, strength steering...
This is most likely the exactly classification. I have the 1CD-FTV engine (D4D - Diesel) and it has a timing belt. Both the neighborhood dealer and also a different garage offered me varying information each time i asked about this when I got the car, for this reason I had actually a mechanic physically look under the hood. He might tell appropriate away, however to actually view the timing belt you need to remove a bunch the stuff prefer the serpentine belt, alternator belt, a couple of pulleys and two time belt covers. :roll:Take a look in ~ this great how to:
Hello All,brand brand-new here, hope someone deserve to help, I have a 2003 RAV 4 auotmatice basemodel (4 cyl)I have actually been shopping about for the 90,000 mile timing belt instead of andcontacting numerous dealerships in mine area, one dealership told me a 2003 RAV4doesn"t have a timing belt it has actually a time chain and I perform not need to do anythingfor timing belt/chain in ~ 90,000 mithe other dealership told me i do require the timing belt changed on 2003 and also quoted me $825does the 2003 have a timing belt or not ???????
All 2003 RAV4s have a timing chain. I had actually 230k top top mine with the original chain and water pump before I fight a deer critical Xmas. Ns would readjust the time chain roughly 160k or every little thing the recommended maintenance schedule is through the water pump and belt at the same time. It"s all related and also will conserve you money if you carry out all three at once. Find a good 3rd party Toyota mechanic, it"s a many cheaper than the dealerships. Simply request they use OEM Denso parts and also tell them you will pay because that Toyota parts. Otherwise they use cheaper components to make money off of you. Just my 2 cents and what I would do.

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