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My left behind automatic slide door is stuck. As soon as I push either button, or usage the remote fob, the door opens up just 1/2", stops dead, and also no further. I deserve to close it manually again, and also another try, the same thing. Because the door latchs are opening, and also the window motor cable is trying to open the door, I do not think the they are the problem.I had just cleaned the wheel tracks and lubricated the rollers last week getting ready because that the winter season it is coming, so i am pretty sure nothing is in the tracks method to prevent it rolling. Anybody have any type of idea wherein to begin to look? I have the right to shine a light in the crack and also the latch look at cleared.
"04 Freestar SEL. 4.2L"The just thing vital for the triumph of evil is for an excellent men to execute nothing." wake Up America!

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"04 Freestar SEL. 4.2L"The just thing essential for the triumph of angry is for an excellent men to carry out nothing." wake up Up America!
I discovered the problem. It was the plastic fuel door interlock cable switch that was defective. As soon as the fuel fill door is closed the switch is thrust in, and also moves a locking device that is situated under the rear wheel well inner covering going to the passenger door. The spring cable is about 12" long and also goes come a steel safety latch attached to the rear of the passenger door. This stays clear of the door from opening if the fuel door is in the open position. I had actually to eliminate the within wheel fine front plastic cover, climate slide the fuel door latch side down and also off the bracket, climate needle nose pliers to push the cable in manually to complimentary the mechanism. You will certainly not uncover out any information around this fix from the owner manual, or the actual organization manual the I might find anywhere in mine books. Hopefully it will help someone rather in the future.I take it a pair photos, the white plastic rectangle in the fuel door is supposed to have actually a black plastic press in move in the middle. The other photo is the actual safety latch within the door jam that will lock and prevent the chauffeurs side sliding door indigenous opening. I gotten rid of the actual metal door hook after this dilemma.DSCF0947.JPGDSCF0948.JPG

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"04 Freestar SEL. 4.2L"The only thing vital for the triumph of angry is for great men to carry out nothing." wake up Up America!