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My focus ("01 ZX3) needs a new catalytic converter. The is currently at the fix shop (and has been for 3 mainly already) however they space dragging your feet on the part, saying it won"t arrive until mid-late September. That is under warranty, for this reason replacement with them won"t cost. I guess since it isn"t earning lock anything, castle aren"t specifically hustling over solving it.However, ns can"t walk 6 weeks there is no a car. Ns work. I have actually browsed and it appears that a instead of catalytic converter is straightforward to find, and not all that expensive (just talking stock here, nothing fancy for now).How execute I replace it?Thanks,Rachael

Well to gain you bye, you could ask them to just gut the to do your vehicle work then when they obtain the part in they can put the brand-new one on? not sure if they will do it but it"s one option. Ns did that with mine when it walk out and also that hosted me over.

Remember this list: Bilstein; Penske; Koni; Ohlins; Sachs; Dynamic Suspension.Not ~ above this list? almost certainly crap.
Well to obtain you bye, you could ask castle to simply gut the to do your auto work then when they get the component in they can put the new one on? not certain if castle will do it however it"s one option. I did that v mine when it went out and that hosted me over.
That might work in "NASCAR country", but gutting a cat is against the law.The 120k warranty applies to the emissions regulate system of friend car, the cat being part of it.

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Hofstadter"s Law"It constantly takes longer than girlfriend expect, even when you take right into account Hofstadter"s Law."Kariertes Hemd und Samenstau, ich studier" Maschienenbau.
It is right now AT the dealer. The is under warranty: The focus has just 64,000 mile on it.Apparently, after numerous calls, ns finally discovered out that the "ford" catalytic converter is earlier ordered. The part won"t arrive until mid-late September. it has been at the dealer since the start of August. I"m currently desperate for a vehicle. Ns don"t know how much much longer the old van will be able to do my brand-new 120 mile (roundtrip) commute. (the van is somewhere in the 20 year old range, ns learned how to drive on that in "92, and also it was faded and also well worn then!) It"s nice quirky at times no longer too.If surroundings doesn"t call for special tools, a lift, etc., i wouldn"t mind giving it a try myself.One much more question, looking in ~ the parts sites, some cite that the cats are automatic transmissions Why is over there a difference? (My ZX3 is a manual)