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Hi Guys,Every once in a when the " organization 4WD" lite will come on. After ~ a when it"ll go out all top top it"s own. Ns was wonder if there"s a liquid sensor in the differentials the cautions of low fluid levels?My tought is that as soon as it"s cold the level is reduced than once it warms up, for this reason after driving and the fluid expands the lite goes out.Anyway what do you men think? Anyone have this problem?Thanks,Bill

If you have actually 50K miles, midas well acquire the x-fercase tranny and also diff"s serviced. It"d it is in nice to understand if the x-fer case is low. You yes, really don"t desire to stretch the chain.
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no, there space no fluid level sensors in the diffs or xfer case?The definition of the light more than likely varies somewhat by year and also configuration? the generic text in the 03 FSM is:The service 4WD indicator gives an point out tothe auto operator once the Transfer case ControlModule (TCCM) has recorded a Diagnostic TroubleCode (DTC) for an electronic transfer situation circuit orcomponent malfunction.
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Jeez!I deserve to remember when you can understand the owners Manuel and work on your vehicle. These days you have to rely top top a child that looks like one of you youngest son"s friends for a equipment to a problem. In mine family, that"s a scary thought!I"m going examine the fluids in the drive system and also make sure every little thing is getting what the needs. After ~ that ns guess I"ll simply wait for something come happen.I wonder if going IN and also OUT the 4WD the wrong means would make that warning lite come on? Hmmm!Well anyway, thanks for the help.Bill
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