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I"m certain this has actually been inquiry before, so i aplogize front of time. Just can"t it seems ~ to discover anything in the "search" function, and also Metzler"s residence page appears confusing? possibly it"s just me - working too countless night shifts.........I to be looking to change both the front and also rear tire on mine 2005 road King classic (stock wheels). Ns am looking for the broad Whitewalls. My inquiries are:1) What is the widest rear tire size I deserve to install without any kind of mods?2) What is the "standard" size for the front?3) any type of recommendations wherein to go for the ideal prices?Thanks for your time I appreciate it,Mike

2012 CVO Street Glide - FLHXSE3Dark Slate / black color Diamond through Phantom fire GraphicsVance & Hines strength Duals12" Yaffe Chrome Monkey Bars

2012 CVO Street Glide - FLHXSE3Dark Slate / black Diamond through Phantom flame GraphicsVance & Hines strength Duals12" Yaffe Chrome Monkey Bars
I"ve got 140 / 18 front 42 psi160 / 18 behind 50 psibeen run metzlers because 1999 without any kind of problems. Luv "em:bowdwn: :woohoo: :bowdwn:
HYPERFORMANCE and also R&R Cycles R&D 131" Build85,000 PSI Ductile steel Cylinders~Ext.Oil Lines~Cylinder basic Bolts~11.7:1 Comp~"KOC" & r&r Designed D&D Boarzilla 2 1/8" i would 2N1~R&R Raped Ape Billet Heads~R&R Billet video camer Support bowl & Chrome Cover~R&R 620 Cams~R&R Roller Rockers & Supports~HPI Oval harbor 62mm EFI~Baker OD6 +1 Oil Pan~Renegade Ledgends 18" Wheels~True Track~ Traxxion AK-20~Bitubo Shocks~3Guyz 630~Pingel electric Shift~Klock Werks~KewlMetals156.91 HP & 159.98 TQ
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