TrimMPG CityMPG HwyDescription(M5) 4x4 accessibility CabV6 (M6) 4x4 access CabV6 (A5) 4x4 accessibility Cab(M6) 4x4 Double-Cab short Box(A5) 4x4 Double-Cab brief Box4x4 Double-Cab lengthy Box4x4 constant CabBase (M5) 4x2 regular CabBase (A4) 4x2 continuous CabBase (M5) 4x2 access CabBase (A4) 4x2 accessibility CabPreRunner (M5) 4x2 continual CabPreRunner (M5) 4x2 accessibility CabX-Runner V6 (M6) 4x2 access CabPreRunner V6 (M6) 4x2 accessibility CabPreRunner V6 (A5) 4x2 accessibility Cab4x2 Double-Cab quick Box4x2 Double-Cab long Box
19234dr constant Side 2.7L 4WD Manual
16204dr constant Side 4.0L 4WD Manual
17214dr constant Side 4.0L 4WD Automatic
16204dr constant Side 4.0L 4WD Manual
17214dr consistent Side 4.0L 4WD Automatic
17214dr constant Side 4.0L 4WD Automatic
19232dr consistent Side 2.7L 4WD Manual
21272dr continual Side 2.7L 2WD Manual
21262dr continuous Side 2.7L 2WD Automatic
21274dr continual Side 2.7L 2WD Manual
21264dr continual Side 2.7L 2WD Automatic
21272dr consistent Side 2.7L 2WD Manual
21274dr constant Side 2.7L 2WD Manual
16214dr continual Side 4.0L 2WD Manual
16214dr constant Side 4.0L 2WD Manual
18224dr continuous Side 4.0L 2WD Automatic
18224dr continual Side 4.0L 2WD Automatic
18224dr consistent Side 4.0L 2WD Automatic

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