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Going to adjust oil on mine 2007 Milan through i4 engine and also want to buy the cup wrench to fit the the oil fiter real estate cap.Anybody understand the size or part number.Thankspepperdog4
It"s 74mm. Right here is some information on the oil readjust from a Mazda site.
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Or you can go to Auto Zone and get Filter lid "B" and it functions perfectly. I use this filter wrench cap.

Thank you because that the info. Going to buy one Friday after work. The critical time i changed the oil i provided a pair that chanel lock plyers.pepperdog.


Ford wants about $35 because that a brand-new oil filter housing cap , It might be a an excellent time to buy the the spin on filter housing from Mazda and be done with it.
I just said girlfriend can get a new filter cap real estate off ebay because that under 10. Why would certainly you purchase one because that 35 at the dealer?
Ford wants about $35 for a brand-new oil filter real estate cap , It could be a good time to buy the the turn on filter real estate from Mazda and be done through it. The spin-on real estate is accessible frorm Ford together well. Ns told the parts guy I required the part for a 2003 emphasis 2.3. Cost around $40, plus about $7.00 because that the gasket.
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I do the efforts to discover the drainpipe plug because that the canister. Ns wasn"t maybe to find just the plug. I phoned the dealership and they want $62.00(CDN) for the plug, canister. Castle didn"t sell any kind of of the separately. I can thank the previous owner for virtually rounding off the drainpipe plug, high five! finding the oil filter wrench to be harder 보다 I thought. Many of the young human being working the customer company had no idea what ns was feather for. The world I did discover that knew what form of wrench that ns was spring for, no one lugged them anymore.
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