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I"ll give it a shot..............I have the 4cyl however I"m pretty sure the 6 is the exact same way.The pan isn"t on the bottom however rather top top the side...the side encountering the prior of the car. There is a filter however I guess: v the place of the throws people off from doing a filter change. Looks favor you can have to eliminate a few things in order come access..................I haven"t readjusted mine yet but arrangement on the eventually.
The filter is internal. There is no method to accessibility it without removing and also tearing apart the transmission. It"s a no-go.I mounted a Magnefine in-line filter on mine Sonata. Ns switched to Valvoline MaxLife DEX/MERC fluid, i m sorry is excellent artificial fluid. Others have used Castrol import Multi-Vehicle. If i didn"t usage MaxLife, my second choice would certainly be royal Purple Max ATF.I have done flushes yet I take into consideration them a garbage of time and also effort. Quite than draining fluid or doing flushes every 30K, I usage a fluid evacuator every 10K, i beg your pardon is overkill but great for the AT. I am may be to get 4.25 - 4.5 quarts using this method, i beg your pardon is every little as much as friend can acquire by removed the drain plug.
The filter is internal. Over there is no method to accessibility it there is no removing and tearing personally the transmission. It"s a no-go.I set up a Magnefine in-line filter on my Sonata. Ns switched to Valvoline MaxLife DEX/MERC fluid, which is excellent fabricated fluid. Others have actually used Castrol income Multi-Vehicle. If ns didn"t use MaxLife, my 2nd choice would be imperial Purple Max ATF.I have done flushes but I think about them a rubbish of time and effort. Fairly than draining fluid or law flushes every 30K, I use a liquid evacuator every 10K, which is overkill but an excellent for the AT. I am may be to acquire 4.25 - 4.5 quarts utilizing this method, which is every little as lot as girlfriend can get by removed the drainpipe plug.

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I never noticed the slightest difference in shifting or anything else at any suggest in my saga of in ~ maintenance. I bought the vehicle with 44K mile (and it really likely never had any type of AT maintenance performed ~ above it). I did two drain/fills through OEM SP-III ATF, and also noticed absolutely no difference. Then I very thoroughly switched come Valvoline MaxLife (I go one flush and also too many drain/fills to remember), and also still noticed no difference.But that"s a good thing, since my AT shifts perfectly to start with. Ns must have lucked out in some way. I carried the auto in to have actually an AT-related TSB used (the one to attend to the problem where the automobile lugs in ~ ~38 MPH). I went together with the tech after he reprogrammed the AT. He comment that commonly the AT move funny/hard when the computer is reset, however mine didn"t.Right currently (with MaxLife) it"s changing great. I just took it on a ~1,400-mile roadway trip and had no problems at all.Sorry for the long-winded answer.