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Please make sure your BMW is among the following:

BMW 3 collection E90 Sedan (2006-2011) BMW 3 collection E91 Wagon (2006-2012) BMW 3 collection E92 Coupe (2007-2013) BMW 3 series E93 Convertible (2007-2013) (Fits all 325, 328, 330, 335, i, xi, d, Standard and also Sports Package) (NOT because that M3)


What is included? The BMW E90 3 collection spare tire comes with the tire mounted on a real BMW wheel all set to use.

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Why obtain a spare tire? countless BMW owners dread the run level tires the come v the car, while its a no brainer come ditch the operation flats and get continual tires, girlfriend run right into the worry of not having a preventive tire. Acquire the spare and also move to continuous tires there is no the believed of driving without a spare.

How fast can ns drive? The tire manufacturer recommends that you perform not exceed 50 Mph at any time. How far can i drive? while the tires manufacturer go not give a details distance, that is recommended the its use to get you house or the surrounding tire shop. The space tire is not expected for an extensive driving.

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The spare tires rim top top my vehicle is 18" (19" or 20"), yours is 17"? This is additionally one of the most common questions. Numerous get perplexed with the in salt size and also outer diameter. The space tires us sell carefully matches the external diameter of the tires on your auto (so your vehicle will no ride lob-sided). The course there is a certain minimum wheel dimension to clear your brakes, we have established this in ours testing. Disclaimer: The purpose of this spare tire kit is exclusively to acquire you out of a negative area (traffic, security) and NOT for any an extensive driving. It is very recommended the you strap it down while in her trunk. By purchase this spare tire kit, you identify this statement. If we have test equipment this top top a share BMW version of her application, its constantly advisable the you perform test it on yours just in case any type of modifications were done to the auto prior. If in doubt, execute not hesitate to contact us.