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I have actually 52,000 mile on it, ns doubt the fluid has ever been changed.What liquid do you guys recommend?

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Correct. Any brand of liquid is fine, as lengthy as the is in reality ATF+4.Not "compatible with" ATF+4. No "recommended for" ATF+4. However actually IS ATF+4.

Actually through a pan drop you commonly change around 7 quarts of fluid. The straightforward "pan drop" fluid and filter readjust is all that is required for routine maintenance. Of course, friend can additionally do a finish flush if friend so desire.

When I changed mine, I put a MagHytec pan ~ above it with a drain plug for less complicated fluid adjust next time. I also readjusted both filter which ns bought from Geno"s Garage. I uncovered that the liquid was cheapest utilizing Amazon Prime, Castrol ATF+4.
When I changed mine, I placed a MagHytec pan on it v a drain plug for less complicated fluid change next time. Ns also changed both filter which i bought from Geno"s Garage. I found that the liquid was cheapest making use of Amazon Prime, Castrol ATF+4.
I let my fluid drain overnight. I desire to to speak I supplied at least 10 quarts. I ordered 2 instances of fluid from Amazon and also didn"t have actually much left. I didn"t notification anything different in the method the van drives if that"s what friend mean. Ns will notification next time I drainpipe the liquid with a plug. I"m not sure if I"ll readjust the filters every time I drain the fluid. More than likely will, it"s cheap insurance. I additionally used one old trash deserve to lid, turn upside down, punched a feet in it and let it drain into mine waste oil jug. Lot cleaner job.On a side note, If friend haven"t done your differential"s and also transfer case fluid, it"s an easy job also.

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Transmission pan gasket question:I recently purchased a filter kit manufactured by Hastings that comes through a rubber form of gasket for the transmission pan. Is this ok or have to I simply go acquisition a tube of rtv gasket maker?
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