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There’s an old riddle making the ring again on society media the asks about 30 cows and also 28 chickens. It’s one of many riddles getting much more attention while people stay home an ext during the coronavirus pandemic. If the riddle’s confound you, we have solution and explanation below.

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The riddle is pretty simple, but also confusing in just how it’s worded. No, the riddle doesn’t have any type of words left out. You could be tempted to think it’s absent something once you check out it ~ above a social media status or post, but it’s worded correctly.

The riddle reads like this:

There space 30 cows in the field, 28 chickens. How plenty of didn’t?

Yes, this is worded correctly. But it’s also worded confusingly to throw you off.

Want to recognize the answer come the riddle? review on.

Here’s the Answer come the Riddle

The answer come the riddle is:

Ten didn’t.

The factor this is so confusing is since you need to read the question without thinking around how it’s written. Read it the end loud for a moment and “hear” the riddle without “reading” it.

The correct analysis of the riddle is this:

“Ther space 30 cows in the field. Twenty ate chickens. How many didn’t.”

See the trick? over there aren’t 28 chickens in the field too. There are 20 cows in the field (out of 30) that ate (not 8) the chickens.

So that means if 20 cows the end of 30 ate chickens, climate 10 cowsdid noteat chickens. For this reason the prize is 10.

If someone asks the questioner: “Didn’t what?” a an excellent hint could be simply to say, “Read the riddle the end loud!” that course, that hint could give the away.

As with many riddles, this is a pat on words. However it’s a tiny easier to figure out than some of the rather that are circulating. Plus, there room fewer alternate answers that world can successfully argue for.

Some world who shot to getreallytechnical could say the riddle is just wrong ~ above its face because cows don’t eat chickens. However even that would certainly be inaccurate, since in some very rare scenarios it could happen. Smithsonian Magazine released a story around a cow the ate a chicken back in 2014. Smithsonian reports a cow called Lal in India ate up to 48 chicken in a month. Return cows room herbivores, they occasionally eat chickens, the newspaper reported. It’s simply not an extremely common. Probably the cows in this riddle to be super hungry.

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This is just one of many riddles circulating on sites like Facebook and Instagram throughout the coronavirus pandemic. If you’ve seen the “How plenty of Ducks do You See?” riddle and were stumped, check out’s explanation here. If you ran into the “I Met a guy on London Bridge” riddle and also have no idea what the man’s surname is, you can uncover the prize in’s storyhere. The answer to the “You go into a Bedroom” riddle ishere, and the answer to the “Can You open the Lock using These Clues?” riddle ishere.