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There space plenty the exercises out there that elevate your heart rate.

Lots of people run, swim, or walk come burn calories and strengthen your heart and lungs.

But jumping jacks are simply as effective as any of these types of exercise, even though they're no talked around as much.

Unlike swimming, you can do jumping jacks appropriate at residence using no equipment. And unlike running, lock can conveniently be modified if you have knee ache or various other limitations.

Believe the or not, there are several health benefits to this oft-overlooked cardio movement.

Let's look at at exactly how to perform a jumping jack correctly, how to lose weight with this exercise, and also 4 other wellness benefits you could not have actually known before.

What space jumping jacks?

Jumping jacks room an efficient, full-body cardio exercise. They need no equipment, and also only a small amount the floor space.

Regular jumping jacks are additionally a plyometric exercise, which way they show off jumping. But the motion can easily be amendment to satisfy a beginner's needs (see section: "Best jumping jack exercises/variations" below).

How come perform

To execute a jumping jack:

Stand through your feet together and your arms by her side.Jump both feet the end to the sides; at the very same time, lift your arms over your head as high together possible. Her body must look sort of choose a star.Jump to lug both feet ago together together your arms return to your side.Repeat.

You can likewise watch this video: just how to execute jumping jacks with perfect form.

How numerous jumping jacks need to I perform to lose weight?

There is no magic variety of jumping jacks you have the right to do to lose weight.

However, adding jumping jacks to her fitness routine (or any type of kind of physical activity, really) in addition to a healthy diet can help you shed that extra weight faster than with diet alone.1

If you're a beginner, shot doing 100 jumping jacks in a workout, and also slowly build up end the weeks. Add 5, 10, or 20 extra reps to your daily total.

Over time, the practice will get easier, and also you'll wind up doing lots much more jumping jacks, which will burn more calories and also speed up her weight loss.

And while we're on that subject, let's answer 2 typical questions related to jumping jacks and weight loss.

How plenty of calories perform you burn act 500 jumping jacks?

According to the MyFitnessPal tracking app, an 185-pound human will burn about 100 calories, and also a 150-pound person will burn around 80 calories doing 500 jumping jacks.2

Here's just how we came down on these numbers:

A middle fit person can do about 60 jumping jacks in one minute. Therefore, 500 jumping jacks will certainly take a little much more than 8 minutes. (Taking breaks in in between is fine; it will certainly still take it you about 8 minute to execute all 500 reps.)According come the app, a 185-pound person burns around 10 calories/minute doing jumping jacks. A 150-pound human burns around 8 calories/minute.

Do jumping jacks assist you lose belly fat?

There isn't one particular exercise, consisting of jumping jacks, that especially targets ship fat. That's in reality a renowned weight loss myth known as spot-reduction.3

Everyone's load loss trip is different, yet most the the time, her body-fat gradually decreases from every over.

So when you may not check out fat loss outcomes in her belly ideal away, the end result is you will certainly look a lot of leaner all over, not simply in her midsection.

(Good things space worth waiting for, right?)

If you really desire to focus on losing belly fat, repetitively exercise, follow a healthy and balanced diet, and control her portions. Stick v your goals, and also you may be surprised how easily you obtain results.

To help you stay continuous with her workouts, use the jumping jack practice variations in the next section to save your sessions interesting.

Best jumping jack exercises/variations

Beginner exercises get rid of the jumping section of the exercise; intermediary and advanced versions focus more on speed and range of motion.


Beginner/low-impact options:

Seated jumping jacks (step both legs out laterally indigenous a chair and also bring your arms over head in rhythm, as with you would with a regular jumping jack, then carry legs/feet ago together and also arms down towards the floor.)


Jumping jacks with partial range of motion (bring the eight up as high as you have the right to without pain; aim for shoulder elevation if girlfriend can)Moderately-paced jumping jacks (aim for 30-40 per minute)


Vigorous jumping jacks (60 or an ext in a minute)Jumping jacks through a adjust in direction (arms forward, feet crossed, with a squat in between, etc.)

4 health benefits that jumping jacks

Here are some of the other health benefits you'll receive by adding jumping jacks into your regimen.

1. They're one accessible kind of running/cardio

Cardio practice helps you control your weight, decreases your threat of disease, and keeps her heart and lungs strong and healthy.4

The benefits of cardio practice are tremendous for human health. In fact, the U.S. Room of Health and also Human solutions (DHSS) proposal adults obtain at least 150 minute of vigorous exercise per week.

(By the way: friend can reduced that number to 75 minute by doing higher-intensity workouts.)

Popular cardio exercises include running, biking, swimming, and also walking.

However, some of these might not be accessible to you. Girlfriend may have knee ache that boundaries your capability to run. Or you can not have a gym membership, which way no access to a pool.

Jumping jacks, top top the various other hand, deserve to be carry out at home with no equipment. They're perfect for merganser days, or if you just like simple, efficient workouts you can do in your living room.

2. Combine your reduced leg muscles and core

Jumping jacks room a full-body cardio exercise, however they really target the calves, glutes, quads, and hips.

Muscle mass and strength naturally decrease as you age, however doing exercises like jumping jacks helps delay this process and store you able-bodied sufficient to do the points you love.5

Because you're jumping, your main point muscles (abs and lower back) are also energetic during jumping jacks.

Core training supplies a bunch of benefits, like lessened risk the injury or earlier pain, and improved posture. 6, 7

3. Improves coordination and balance

Your arms and also legs space working in ~ the same time during jumping jacks, which improves coordination and also balance.

This is beneficial, due to the fact that adults with poor balance are an ext likely come be hurt from falling as they age.8

In fact, practice alone has actually been displayed to enhance mind function.9 (One study even found that exercise can especially advantage the yonsei in this regard.) 10

These are a couple of other means jumping jacks can assist you keep health and also fitness together you age.

4. Great for tension relief and also mental health

Plenty that studies show that exercise relieves stress and also improves in its entirety mental health. 11, 12

Hitting your weekly physical activity requirements (150 minutes every week, according to the DHHS) has additionally been displayed to rise self-esteem. 13

So adding an exercise choose jumping jacks come your regimen not only protects friend from falls, however can also assist you become a healthier, stronger, and much more resilient variation of yourself.

Potential drawbacks to consider

Jumping is the key thing you should consider if you're thinking around adding jumping jacks come a fitness program.

If girlfriend have poor knees or share pain, it could be best to begin with a beginner exercise that is low or no impact. (See section: "Best jumping jack exercises/variations" above.)

Overall, though, they're a an excellent exercise for anyone and quite straightforward to learn. All you require is a little floor space, and you're an excellent to go!

Jumping jacks: plunder up

Jumping jacks room a full-body cardio exercise. They're highly available and efficient for burning calories, and also can be offered as a substitute because that things choose running, swimming, or walking.

There is no magic number of jumping jacks you have the right to do to shed weight.

However, you have the right to speed up load loss by simply adding 100 jumping jacks to your workouts today. Native there, include add reps slowly (5 or 10 every workout is fine), and also work your method up to greater numbers.

Over time, this will certainly lead to more calories burned and much better weight lose results.

Jumping jacks boost your cardio health, strengthen her legs and core, boost coordination and also balance, and can even bolster your psychological health.

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Overall, they're a an excellent exercise and will go good in your at-home fitness routine.

For much more exercise and workout principles that you have the right to do in ~ home, visit our practice section.