The first single turn off Carter IV functions rap aristocrat Cory Gunz & Lil Wayne yearning to go home (Harry Belafonte style..)In the residence of Detention for Men, the oldest jail… review More 

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Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunchSix-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunchAhem, excuse mine charisma, vodka v a spritzerSwagger down pat; speak to my shit PatriciaYoung Money militia and also I am the commissionerYou no wan' start Weezy ‘cause the 'F' is because that finisherSo misunderstood, yet what's a civilization without enigma?Two bitches in ~ the very same time; synchronized swimmersGot the girl twisted ‘cause she open once you twisted herNever met the bitch, yet I crap her favor I missed herLife is the bitch, and death is she sisterSleep is the cousin—what a fuckin' household pictureYou know Father Time, and we all know Mother NatureIt's all in the family, yet I to be of no relationNo matter who's buyin', I'm a celebrationBlack and also white diamonds; crap segregationFuck the shit, my money up, friend niggas just Honey NutYoung Money runnin' shit, and also you niggas just runner-upsI don't feel ns done enough, therefore I'ma keep on doin' this shitLil Tunechi or Young Tuna FishSix-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunchSix-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot bunch
(I'm goin' ago in…)Okay, I lost my mind, it's somewhere out there strandedI think you was standing under me if friend don't recognize meHad my heart damaged by this woman called TammyBut hoes gon' be hoes, so i couldn't blame TammyJust talked to Moms, told her she the sweetestI to win the beat up; contact it self-defenseSwear, man, ns be seein' v these niggas favor sequinsNiggas think castle He-Men, pow, pow, the endTalkin' come myself since I am my own consultantMarried come the money, fuck the world; that's adulteryYou full of shit, girlfriend close her mouth and also let yo' ass talkYoung Money eatin', all you haters execute is add saltStop playin', bitch, I gained this game on deadboltMind so sharp ns fuck around and cut my head offReal nigga all day and also tomorrowBut these motherfuckers talkin' crazy favor they jaw brokeGlass half empty, half full, I'll pour out yaTry me and run into a wall; outfielderYou know I'ma sphere 'til they revolve off the field lightsThe fruits of mine labor, I enjoy 'em if they tho ripeBitch, avoid playin', I execute it choose a king doIf this niggas animals, climate I'ma have actually a mink soonTell 'em bitches i say put my name on the wallI speak the truth, however I guess that's a international language to y'allAnd I call it favor I check out it, and also my glasses onBut most of y'all don't acquire the picture 'less the flash is onSatisfied through nothin', girlfriend don't recognize the fifty percent of itYoung Money, Cash MoneyPaper chasin', tell the paper, "Look, I'm best behind ya"Bitch, genuine Gs move in silence choose lasagnaPeople to speak I'm borderline crazy, sorta kindaWoman of mine dreams, i don't sleep so i can't uncover herYou niggas are gelatin, peanuts come an elephantI gained through that sentence favor a subject and also a predicateYeah, with a swag you would certainly kill forMoney too strong; pockets on bodybuilderJumped in a wishin' well, currently wish me wellTell 'em kiss my ass, speak to it kiss and also tell

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Word to mine mama, I'm out of mine lima beanDon't wanna check out what that drama meanGet some DramamineLlama scream, hotter 보다 summer sunlight on a Ghana queenNow every I want is hits, bitch, Wayne signed a fiendI play the side because that you niggas that's tryna front, and also seeSon of Gun, kid of Sam, girlfriend nigga's the child of mePause because that this dumber speech, i glow like BuddhaDisturb me, and also you'll be almost everywhere the flo' choose LudaBitch, I flow like scuba, bitch, I'm bold prefer CubaAnd I store a killer ho, she gon' blow right through yaI be mackin', 'bout mine stackin', now I pack like a moverShout come ratchet for backin' out on behalf of my shooterNiggas think castle high together I, ns come laugh at your rulerCash Money cold, bitch, but our action is coolerWayne, this niggas out they mindI excellent told this fuck niggas so plenty of timesThat I save them bucks stable on my mindTuck these, i fuck this on her mind, pauseTo feeding them, on my grind, walk I get a little loveKeep throwin' my sign in the middleHit 'em up, piece on mine side‘Cause ain't no tranquility on my side, bitchI'm a man, ns visit urinals abroadTune called me to, I'm shootin' as soon as the funeral outsideI'm uptown, thoroughbred, a BX nigga, ya heard? Gunna