The brand-new York piece steak it is provided an huge 24 grams that protein per 4 ounces. It likewise has the least fat of any type of loin reduced (17 grams, compared with 20 or 21 grams in other loin cuts).

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Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 3 ouncesCalories: 164Protein: 25 gFat: 7 gSaturated: 3 gMonounsaturated: 3 gPolyunsaturated: 0 gCarbohydrate: 0 gSugar: 0 gFiber: 0 g

Key Vitamins and Minerals

NiacinAmount: 6.5 mgDaily Value: 3%

Vitamin B6Amount: .5 mgDaily Value: 26%

Vitamin B12Amount: 1.4 mcgDaily Value: 24%

PhosphorusAmount: 188 mgDaily Value: 19%

ZincAmount: 4.4 mgDaily Value: 29%

SeleniumAmount: 26.2 mcgDaily Value: 37%

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