In conversion of wrong fractions right into mixed fractions, we follow the complying with steps:

Step I:Obtain the wrong fraction.Step II:Divide the molecule by the denominator and obtain the quotient and remainder.Step III:Write the mixed fraction as: Quotient\(\fracRemainderDenominator\).

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Let us convert \(\frac75\) right into a combined number.

As you recognize if a portion has very same number as numerator and also denominator, it renders a whole. Right here in \(\frac75\) we can take the end \(\frac55\) to do a whole and also the remaining fraction we have actually is \(\frac25\). So, \(\frac75\) deserve to be written in blended numbers as 1\(\frac25\).


                          \(\frac55\) = 1                        +                           \(\frac25\)

                                           \(\frac75\) = \(\frac55\) + \(\frac25\) = 1 + \(\frac25 \) = 1\(\frac25\)

Actually, \(\frac75\) means 7 ÷ 5. As soon as we division 7 by 5 we acquire 1 together quotient and also 2 together remainder. To convert an improper fraction into a mixed number we ar the quotient 1 as the entirety number, the remainder 2 together the numerator and also the divisor 5 as the denominator of the appropriate fraction.


For Example: Express each of the complying with improper fractions as blended fractions:(i) \(\frac174\)We have,


Therefore, Quotient = 4, Remainder = 1, Denominator = 4.Hence, \(\frac174\) = 4\(\frac14\)(ii) \(\frac135\)We have,


Therefore, Quotient = 2, Remainder = 3, Denominator = 5.Hence, \(\frac135\) = 2\(\frac35\)(iii) \(\frac285\)We have,


Therefore, Quotient = 5, Remainder = 3, Denominator = 5Hence, \(\frac285\) = 5\(\frac35\).(iv) \(\frac289\)We have,

Therefore, Quotient = 3, Remainder = 1, Denominator = 9Hence, \(\frac289\) = 3\(\frac19\).(v) \(\frac22615\)We have,

Therefore, Quotient = 15, Remainder = 1, Denominator = 15Hence, \(\frac22615\) = 15\(\frac115\).


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