Learn how to calculate percentperiods in this basic lesson! When you"re asked to calculate an (unknown) percentage ("What percentage...?"), you have to first compose the fraction PART/TOTAL, and also then sindicate create that fraction as a decimal and also as a percentage. See many type of examples below.

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The principles and also principles of this leskid are also explained in this video:

What percentageof the height of a 15-ft tree isa 3-ft sapling?A choir has 22 women and also 18 males. Find what percentageof the choir’s members areguys.One pair of jeans costs $25 and also another costs $28. How many kind of percent is the price of cheaper jeans of the price of the more expensive jeans?

Look very closely at the concerns over. Notice that the troubles don’t tell you the percentage; in various other words,tright here is no number in the trouble written as x%. Instead, they ask you to find it!

Questions through “What portion ... ?” or "How many percent ... ?"

Asking “What percentage?” or "How many type of percent?" is the same as asking “How many kind of hundredth parts?”

We have the right to resolve these concerns in a two-part process:

First discover out the part that is being asked for as a fraction.The denominator probably won’t be 100.Convert that fraction to a decimal. Then you deserve to easily transform the decimal to a percentage!

Example 1. A choir has 22 women and 18 men. Find what percentage of the choir’s members are guys.

Find out what component (fraction) of the choir’s members are men. That is 18/40, or 9/20.Write 9/20 as a percent. Use equivalent fractions: 9/20 = 45/100 = 45%.

Example 2. One pair of jeans expenses $25 and the other costs $28.How many kind of percent is the price of cheaper jeans of the price of the more expensive jeans?

Write what part the cheaper price is of the even more expensive price. The answer is 25/28.Write 25/28 as a portion. A calculator gives 25/28 = 0.8928... Rounded to the nearemainder whole percent, that’s 89%.

1. a. What percent of a 15-ft tree is a small 3-ft sapling?

b. How many type of percent is $12 of $16?

2. Find how many percent the smaller object’s height is of the taller object’s elevation.


6 m

8 m
300 cm
120 cm
b.3. A 2-year old child procedures 32 inches tall and also weighs 24 pounds. A 10-year old child actions 52 inches tall and weighs 96 pounds.

a. How many type of percent is the smaller child’s age of the older child’s age?


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How many type of percent is the smaller sized child’s height of the older child’s height?

4. Write the percenteras right into the sectors in the circle graphs Think of fractions!


5. The circle graph at the best provides the angle measure of each sector of the circle. Find what portion each sector is of the entirety circle, and also create the percentage in the sector. Remember, the totality circle is 360°.

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