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Do math calculations with mixed numbers (mixed fractions) performing work on fractions, totality numbers, integers, mixed numbers, mixed fractions and also improper fractions. The mixed Numbers Calculator can add, subtract, multiply and divide blended numbers and also fractions.

Mixed number Calculator (also described as combined Fractions):

This digital calculator handles simple operations on whole numbers, integers, mixed numbers, fractions and improper fractions by adding, subtracting, splitting or multiplying. The answer is provided in a reduced fraction and a mixed number if the exists.

Enter combined numbers, totality numbers or fountain in the complying with formats:

mixed numbers: go into as 1 1/2 i beg your pardon is one and also one fifty percent or 25 3/32 i beg your pardon is twenty five and also three thirty seconds. Keep specifically one an are between the whole number and fraction and use a forward cut to intake fractions. Friend can go into up to 3 number in size for each totality number, numerator or denominator (123 456/789). Whole numbers: approximately 3 number in length. Fractions: go into as 3/4 i beg your pardon is 3 fourths or 3/100 i m sorry is 3 one hundredths. Friend can enter up come 3 number in length for every the numerators and also denominators (e.g., 456/789).

Adding combined Numbers using the including Fractions Formula

convert the mixed numbers to improper fractions use the algebraic formula for enhancement of fractions: a/b + c/d = (ad + bc) / bd minimize fractions and simplify if possible

Adding fountain Formula

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1 2/6 + 2 1/4 = 8/6 + 9/4 = (8*4 + 9*6) / 6*4 = 86 / 24

So we obtain 86/24 and also simplify come 3 7/12

Subtracting blended Numbers making use of the Subtracting fractions Formula

convert the combined numbers to improper fractions usage the algebraic formula because that subtraction of fractions: a/b - c/d = (ad - bc) / bd mitigate fractions and simplify if feasible

Subtracting fountain Formula


Subtract 2 1/4 from 1 2/6

1 2/6 - 2 1/4 = 8/6 - 9/4 = (8*4 - 9*6) / 6*4 = -22 / 24

Reduce the fraction to get -11/12

Multiplying mixed Numbers utilizing the Multiplying fractions Formula

transform the blended numbers to improper fractions use the algebraic formula for multiplying that fractions: a/b * c/d = ac / bd reduce fractions and also simplify if possible

Multiplying fountain Formula


multiply 1 2/6 by 2 1/4

1 2/6 * 2 1/4 = 8/6 * 9/4 = 8*9 / 6*4 = 72 / 24

Reduce the fraction to gain 3/1 and simplify to 3

Dividing mixed Numbers using the separating Fractions Formula

convert the blended numbers to improper fractions use the algebraic formula for department of fractions: a/b ÷ c/d = advertisement / bc alleviate fractions and simplify if feasible

Dividing fractions Formula


divide 1 2/6 by 2 1/4

1 2/6 ÷ 2 1/4 = 8/6 ÷ 9/4 = 8*4 / 9*6 = 32 / 54

Reduce the portion to acquire 16/27

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