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I have actually a 94" ford ranger that has been giving me troubles for a year. The problem is as soon as im driving along the van dies and also then I have the right to start that after ns sit for a little bit. Together in die I mean looses fuel pressure. I have actually replaced the fuel pump and also checked the inertia switch, wires, fuses, grounds, and also yes I placed a brand-new relay in. The thing I uncovered out is the fuel pump looses power and I traced it ago to the relay. What that looks favor is the the relay is obtaining hot and cutting my power off. I placed power come the test lead and also you have the right to hear the pump kick on and also off, yet if girlfriend keep putting power come the device you have the right to make the relay battered working. I think the relay is acquiring too hot or something and also cutting my power to the pump, yet why/how is the relay doing this?
I would check the ground for the fuel pump relay. A loose ground will cause problems. A bad pump i m sorry is pulling to countless amps will cause overheating.You need an amp meter and a wiring diagram showing all grounds. I would certainly think you would certainly blow a fuse because that the fuel pump if it is pulling to plenty of amps. Make sure it has actually the proper amp fuse a more heavier fuse can have been installed due to the fact that it blowed.
Ok ive confirm the grounds and also the fuse and there all great and the pump is pulling the right amps.I discovered out that once i turn the vital everything functions right, but if you revolve the an essential fast on and off a couple of times and also then shot to start it it simply cranks and also turns over. Currently it will not start if you save the vital in the ~ above position, but if you turn it to the off position and then revolve it back on and also start it will start. I have the right to do this every time. Im starting to think the PCM or the ingnition switch, or probably the ICM is not giveing the singnal. Ijust don"t know and also its relly gaining to me.:banghead:

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My 1994 t-b had a recall for an ignition switch. Yet I had currently installed a new echlin. It is ~ above the steering shaft you need to loosen the 2 bolts stop the steering wheel and also drop it slightly. They use bolts I had to use little channel locks to remove it. If girlfriend don"t have actually a tamper proof torx socket set buy two little bolts the very same size before leaving the store. Constantly install on the same marks clean dirty on the outside.Use a volt meter and also check voltage ~ above the large wires mine dropped to 8 volts. You have a neutral safety switch is your linkage worn or a worn switch. You deserve to unplug it and ohm across the 2 connectors. Wiggle the linkage.You likewise have an eec iv relay which deserve to go bad. The ground for it should be through the computer.I doubt you have a bad computer.