Step 1 :

Trying to aspect as a distinction of Cubes:1.1 Factoring: a3-b3 concept : A difference of 2 perfect cubes, a3-b3 can be factored into(a-b)•(a2+ab+b2)Proof:(a-b)•(a2+ab+b2)=a3+a2b+ab2-ba2-b2a-b3 =a3+(a2b-ba2)+(ab2-b2a)-b3=a3+0+0-b3=a3-b3Check: a3 is the cube that a1Check: b3 is the cube that b1Factorization is :(a - b)•(a2 + abdominal + b2)

Trying to element a multi change polynomial :

1.2 Factoringa2 + abdominal + b2Try to variable this multi-variable trinomial making use of trial and also errorFactorization fails

Equation in ~ the finish of step 1 :

(a - b) • (a2 + ab + b2) = 0

Step 2 :

Theory - roots of a product :2.1 A product of numerous terms amounts to zero.When a product of two or much more terms equals zero, climate at the very least one of the terms should be zero.We shall now solve each term = 0 separatelyIn other words, we are going to resolve as plenty of equations together there space terms in the productAny systems of term = 0 solves product = 0 together well.

Equation the a directly Line2.2Solvea-b=0 Tiger recognizes that we have here an equation the a straight line. Such an equation is typically written y=mx+b ("y=mx+c" in the UK). "y=mx+b" is the formula that a right line attracted on Cartesian coordinate mechanism in which "y" is the vertical axis and also "x" the horizontal axis.In this formula :y tells us how much up the heat goesx tells us how far alongm is the slope or Gradient i.e. Exactly how steep the heat isb is the Y-intercept i.e. Whereby the line the cross the Y axisThe X and also Y intercepts and the steep are called the line properties. We shall currently graph the line a-b = 0 and calculate the properties

Graph that a straight Line :

calculate the Y-Intercept :Notice that once a = 0 the value of b is 0/-1 for this reason this line "cuts" the b axis at b=-0.00000

b-intercept = 0/-1 = -0.00000 calculation the X-Intercept :When b = 0 the value of a is 0/1 our line therefore "cuts" the a axis at a= 0.00000

a-intercept = 0/1 = 0.00000 calculate the slope :Slope is characterized as the change in b divided by the adjust in a. We keep in mind that for a=0, the worth of b is 0.000 and for a=2.000, the value of b is 2.000.

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So, because that a change of 2.000 in a (The change in a is sometimes referred to together "RUN") we get a readjust of 2.000 - 0.000 = 2.000 in b. (The change in b is periodically referred to as "RISE" and also the steep is m = increase / RUN)

slope = 1Solving a single Variable Equation:2.3Solvea2+ab+b2=0 In this type of equations, having an ext than one variable (unknown), you have to specify because that which change you desire the equation solved.We shall not manage this form of equations at this time.

Geometric figure: right Line

steep = 1 a-intercept = 0/1 = 0.00000 b-intercept = 0/-1 = -0.00000