It looks like you look choose Jason Momoa and also Lisa Bonet. It is cute. Yet a little inconvenient. Let’s execute something v the worry today.

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We uncovered a pair of good couples (it’s absolutely a tautology day) with a one foot+ height difference and also asked them come share your thoughts about it and some advice on coping through it. Review till the end. 

By the Way!

“Short women paired with tall men are most most likely to develop a happy marriage.” 

That’s ideal – women space actually happier v taller husbands.

Tall guys make girls feeling feminine and also protected.Tall men are smarter.Tall guys have higher social status.Tall males have greater incomes. 

So, couples v size distinctions are the best. It is the scientific fact. So, her girl is lucky! 

Emir and also Carine

Photo through Jonathan Borba

E: First the all, it’s freaking harmful for your spine and neck. Us can’t kiss for much more than 15 seconds if us stand.

C: Kissing him occasionally is a genuine danger. Once I stood increase on my toes and lost balance. I dropped on him and also then we together fell on the ground together we to be standing right close to the stairs. The a miracle us survived (laughing.)


E: Train your earlier muscles. Start practicing yoga if you don’t desire to experience unbearable pain. Just Joking. The best you can do is come sit or lie as soon as kissing. Another means is to execute that sexy pose when you spread your legs and also press lower versus the wall surface with your girl standing between your legs. then both the you will certainly be an ext or less on an same footing.

C: Sometimes he elevator me and I location my legs about his waist. Then it’s much an ext comfortable come kiss. 

Dean and Martha

Photo by Hanna Morris

D: Short hugs are always awkward to mine mind. I need to lean down and fold in half.

M: And once we go holding hands, it looks choose my dad take it me the end for a walk. 

D: Well, that’s no critical. 

M: Here is one more issue: D think it’s funny to mock at my height sometimes. He thinks that if he’s 6’3, it offers him the appropriate to tease other human being who weren’t “gifted as he was”. 

D: ha-ha it is my guilty pleasure. 


D: Just get on through it. You can’t protect against hugging or hold hands v your girl friend just because it’s a little bit uncomfortable. 

M: What you have the right to do is no to mock your GF’s height

D: And don’t underestimate your quick girlfriend. She still might be strong as hell

M: That’s right!

David and Erika 

Photo by Annika Palmari

D: Kissing was complicated at first. And not every sex poses are obtainable for us. Yet we learned just how to cope v it. 

E: Yep, that was a little frustrating the first time. 

My neck is also in pain as soon as I try to come kill v a just glance or adore the for much more than a pair of sec. But there are plenty of pluses in having actually a huge boy: I can wear heels and also lean top top his arm once I get worn down of it. And also I constantly feel prefer he’s mine bodyguard – always safe. 

D: Glad you said that. Oh, and sometimes i don’t hear what she says… but that’s no a difficulty for me (laughing).


D: If the instance allows, ar your companion on your lap and also kiss each other while sitting

And when her babe arcs her neck during a lengthy kiss, host the earlier of her head with your hand. Or usage the wall. Her head have the right to lean top top it and also her neck will certainly rest. then she won’t protect against kissing friend every pair of seconds.

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Forget about the 69 pose and any stand pose. Yes, such a “long-distance relationship” is a entirety science. 

E: If her girl is attract heels to it is in closer to you, don’t go for a walk in a park, select dinner in a restaurant, please.

D: Jesus, yes, the was among my mistakes as soon as we started dating. However thankfully, she didn’t dump me that day.


Possible problems and also what you can do about it:

Kissing, hugging, sex have actually their peculiarities. Yet you both can change to pretty much everything. Use walls, carry out it once you sit or lie, lift her. Sometimes girlfriend may have an advice to mock your GF’s height. Be mindful with that, it might offend her even if you carry out that lovingly. If your girl put on heels for you, don’t do her walk much more than 50 meters. Don’t think your short girl is weak. Yet take treatment of she anyway. Organize her neck, grab boxes from height shelves because that her, etc. 

ways come smooch your short gf