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9. Signals, Signs and Pavement Markings

website traffic signals are placed at intersections to store traffic moving and also to prevent a crash. Drivers, pedestrians, and also bicycle riders have to obey these signals, other than when an officer is directing traffic. Protect against on the protect against line if your vehicle is nearest the signal. Part signals adjust only as soon as a automobile is in ~ the protect against line. Occasionally, even when appropriately positioned close to the stop line, motorcyclists and bicyclists may not be detected. If traffic signals space out of order, treat the light together if it is a four-way prevent sign.


Come come a complete stop in ~ the significant stop heat or before moving right into the crosswalk or intersection. At many intersections, after ~ stopping, you might turn right on red if the means is clear. Part intersections display screen a "NO turn ON RED" sign, i m sorry you must obey. Left transforms on a red light from a one-way street into a one-way street are likewise allowed. Anyone convicted of running a red irradiate is compelled to complete a straightforward driver innovation course.


Stop if you have the right to safely do so. The irradiate will quickly be red.


Go - however only if the intersection is clear. Yield to pedestrians and also vehicles quiet in the intersection. If turning left, wait because that a space in oncoming traffic to finish the turn. If you revolve left or right, productivity to pedestrians cross in the crosswalk the you revolve into.

Red Arrow

as with a red light, pertained to a complete stop at the marked stop heat or prior to moving into the crosswalk or intersection. ~ stopping, you might turn right on a red arrowhead at many intersections if the method is clear. Part intersections display a "NO revolve ON RED" sign, which you need to obey. Left transforms on a red arrowhead from a one-way street into a one-way street are likewise allowed.

Yellow Arrow

avoid if you can. The irradiate will shortly be red. The yellow arrow way the very same as the yellow light, but uses only to activity in the direction that the arrow.

Flashing Left Yellow Arrow

A flashing left yellow arrow method left turns are allowed. Productivity to oncoming traffic and pedestrians. The oncoming traffic has a green light.

Flashing ideal Yellow Arrow

A flashing appropriate yellow arrow means right turns room allowed. Yield to oncoming traffic and also pedestrians.

Green Arrow

A green arrow, pointing best or left, means you might make a turn in the direction the the arrow. If the red light is illuminated in ~ the exact same time, you must be in the suitable lane for such a turn and also you need to yield the right-of-way come vehicles and pedestrians clearing the intersection.

Flashing Signals

A flashing red light method the exact same thing as a protect against sign. It is supplied at attention intersections.

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A flashing yellow light means you may move forward with caution. That is provided at, or simply before, danger intersections, or to alert you come a warning sign such as a school crossing or sharp curve.