Quartering Act
Law pass by parliament in 1765 that required the colonies to house and supply brothers soldiers.

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revenueincome a federal government collects come cover expenses.
Sugar Acta regulation passed by conference in 1764 that inserted a taxes on sugar, molasses, and also other commodities shipped to the colonies; also called for harsh punishment of smugglers.
Stamp Acta 1765 regulation passed by conference that compelled all legal and also commercial files to carry an main stamp mirroring a tax had actually been paid.
boycotta refuse to purchase certtain goods.
Sons the Libertya team of colonists who developed a secret society to oppose British plans at the time of the American Revolution.
Townshend Actsa collection of regulations passed by conference in 1767 the suspended new York's assembly and established counting on goods lugged into the brothers colonies.
writs of assistancea find warrant that allowed British policemans to enter early american homes or enterprise to find for smuggled goods.
Boston Massacrea clash in between British soldiers and also Boston colonists in 1770, in which 5 of the colonists, including Crispus Attucks, to be killed
committee the correspondencea group of human being in the swarms who exchanged letters on colonial affairs.
Boston Tea Partythe dumping the 342 chests that tea right into Boston harbor by colonists in 1773 come protests the Tea Act.
militiaa pressure of armed civilians pledged to defend their community during the American Revolution; one emergency military pressure that is not component of the continual army.
Minutemana member of the colonial militia that was trained to respond "at a minute's warning"
Intolerable Actsa collection of laws enacted by parliament in 1774 to punish Massachusetts coloniests because that the Boston Tea Party.
First continent Congressa conference of delegates in 1774 from all the nests except Georgia to uphold early american rights.
Lexington and also Concordsites in Massachusetts of the first battles of the American Revolution.
Loyalistan American colonist who sustained the british in the American Revolution.
Patriotan American colonist that sided with the rebels in the American Revolution.
artillerya cannon or large gun.
Second continent Congressa governing body whose delegates agreed, in may 1775, to type the continent Army and also to grant the explanation of Independence.
Continental Armya colonial force authorized through the second Continental congress in 1775, with George Washington together its commanding general.
Declaration the Independencethe document, writen in 1776, in which the colonies claimed independence native Britain.
Thomas JeffersonWriter that the explanation of Independence
Benedict ArnoldColonial leader who played a part in the win at fort Ticonderoga and who aided in a failed invasion of Canada
Ethan AllenLeader of the green Mountain guys who assisted to record Fort Ticondergo.
Paul RevereA patriot who assisted warn colonists about British movements.
John AdamsA cousin of Samuel Adams and a lawyer who safeguarded the british soldiers associated in the Boston Massacre.
Samuel AdamsFounder the the young of Liberty.
Crispus AttucksAfrican American eliminated by british soldiers in the Boston Massacre.
King George IIIKing of England throughout the American Revolution.

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Patrick HenryA member that the Virginia residence of Burgesses who opposed brothers taxes.