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Learning about Adjectives

Everyone loves Ana. She"s alegre (cheerful), amigable (friendly), and also activa (active), and she loves make trabajos artísticos (artistic works), like painting or pottery.

All the native we"ve offered to explain Ana and the work she does room adjectives. This lesson focuses on adjectives, adjetivos (pronounced: ahd-heh-TEE-bohs) in Spanish, especially those beginning with the letter "a."

Adjectives provide details information and enrich the text. They refer to properties, qualities, or characteristics about the noun they accompany. Keep analysis to discover more common adjectives starting with "a" in Spanish.


Spanish Adjectives

Many that the Spanish adjective you"re about to find out are quite comparable to your English counterparts, for this reason you might guess their interpretations easily. However, you have to pay attention to the type and place of the adjectives in a sentence. In Spanish:

Adjectives usually follow the noun. We say: trabajos artísticos and NOT artísticos trabajos. adjective agree v the noun they describe in both number (singular or plural) and gender (masculine or feminine). To type the plural, include "-s" if the adjective ends in a vowel and also "-es" ~ a consonant. In the ahead example, "trabajos" is a plural noun, for this reason the adjective take away an "-s" together well: artísticos. To type feminine adjectives, replace the "o" v an "a" or include an "a" after a consonant. EXCEPTIONS: woman adjectives ending in "e" or "l" don"t adjust in the feminine.

Adjectives starting With "A"

The Spanish language has lots of adjective that begin with the letter "a." many of them room positive and we usage them on a continual basis. To help you memorize them, we"ll classify castle into various groups. Ready?

NOTE: Both masculine and feminine develops are provided. If there"s only one form, it method that the adjective is invariable in gender.

Color & Taste

There room a couple of colors and tastes that begin with the letter "a" in Spanish. These are:

Spanish together translate in
amarillo/amarilla (ah-mah-REE-yoh/ah-mah-REE-yah) yellow
azul (ah-SOOL) blue
ácido/ácida (AH-see-doh/AH-see-dah) sour
agrio/agria (AH-gryoh/AH-gryah) bitter, sour
amargo/amarga (ah-MAHR-goh/ah-MAHR-gah) bitter
agridulce (ah-gree-DOOL-seh) bittersweet

NOTE: In Spanish, there space three adjectives to define the sour/bitter area. The adjective ácido describes the taste the lemon, lime, and also other citrus. Amargo describes the taste of coffee, for example. Agrio is provided to define the taste the vinegar and is regularly unpleasant.

Translation: Lemon and also lime have a cake taste.

Adjectives that Nationality

Let"s view some adjective of nationality that start with the letter "a:"

Spanish pronunciation translate in
africano/africana (ah-free-KAH-noh/ah-free-KAH-nah) African
alemán/alemana (ah-leh-MAHN/ah-leh-MAH-nah) German
americano/americana (ah-meh-ree-KAH-noh/ah-meh-ree-KAH-nah) American
argentino/argentina (ahr-hehn-TEE-noh/ahr-hehn-TEE-nah) Argentinian
andaluz/andaluza (ahn-dah-LOOS/ahn-dah-LOO-sah) Andalusian

Translation: Pretzel is a typical German bread.

Adjectives the Personality

Here"s a perform of adjectives that you have the right to use to describe someone"s personality or character, or to talk about feelings:

Spanish pronunciation translate in
activo/activa (ahk-TEE-boh/akh-TEE-bah) active
agradable (ah-grah-DAH-bleh) nice
alegre (ah-LEH-greh) cheerful,happy
amable (ah-MAH-bleh) kind
amigable (ah-mee-GAH-bleh) friendly
atractivo/atractiva (ah-trahk-TEE-boh/ah-trahk-TEE-bah) attractive
ansioso/ansiosa (ahn-SYOH-soh/ahn-SYOH-sah) eager

NOTE: Ansioso way "eager" in the expression estar ansioso por (to it is in eager/dying to). In other contexts, it can mean "anxious."

Other Adjectives

Let"s take a look at other an extremely common adjectives. You deserve to use castle to describe things or places:

Spanish joint translation
abierto/abierta (ah-BYEHR-toh/ah-BYEHR-tah) open
abstracto/abstracta (ahbs-TRAHK-toh/ahbs-TRAHK-tah) abstract
abundante (ah-boon-DAHN-teh) abundant,plentiful
alternativo/alternativa (ahl-tehr-nah-TEE-boh/ahl-tehr-nah-TEE-bah) alternative
artesanal (ahr-teh-sah-NAHL) handmade,artisanal
auténtico/auténtica (ow-TEHN-tee-koh/ow-TEHN-tee-kah) authentic

Translation: Handmade soaps.

Example Conversation

To help you familiarize yourself v these adjectives, let"s hear a conversation in between Eva and Julia, who are making plans because that the weekend.

Note: Pay fist to the noun-adjective agreement.

Eva: ¿Te acuerdas de Ana? (Do you remember Ana?)

Julia: ¿Aquella chica andaluza tan alegre y amigable? (That Andalusian girl who is for this reason cheerful and also friendly?)

Eva: Sí, es muy agradable. (Yes, she"s very nice.) Pues ella y su novio, que es alemán, montaron un bar. (Well, she and also her boyfriend, who is German, collection up a bar.)

Julia: ¿Ya lo visitaste? (Did girlfriend visit it already?)

Eva: Sí. (Yes.) Hacen pasteles alemanes y helados artesanales. (They make German cakes and artisanal ice cream creams.) Mi favorito es el de lima, que tiene un toque ácido. (My favourite one is lime, which has a tart touch.) Ponen música alternativa y también hacen exposiciones. (They play different music and they have exhibitions as well.) Este mes exponen pintura abstracta. (This month they space exhibiting abstract painting.)

Julia: ¡Suena genial! (It sounds great!) Estoy ansiosa por ir. (I can"t wait come go.)

Eva: Si quieres vamos este viernes. (If you want, we deserve to go this Friday.) Está abierto hasta medianoche. (It"s open until midnight.)

Pintura abstracta (abstract painting)

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, us learned many beneficial Spanish adjectives that begin with the letter "a." We"ve classified castle into 4 groups, which are:

Color and taste, for example azul (blue), ácido (sour) or agridulce (bittersweet) adjectives of nationality, such as alemán (German) or andaluza (Andalusian) adjective of personality: agradable (nice), alegre (cheerful) or amigable (friendly) various other adjectives offered to describe things or places. For example, abierto (open), alternativo (alternative) or artesanal (artisanal)

Remember that, in Spanish, adjective are usually placed ~ the noun, and they have to agree in number and gender with it. For example: música alternativa (alternative music) or trabajos artísticos (artistic works).

Spanish Adjectives: deeper Dives

This lesson presented you to several crucial Spanish adjectives that all begin with the letter ""a"". These tasks will provide you the chance to practice using this adjectives and to make certain that you have retained all of your understanding from this lesson.

Write her Own

You deserve to see a sample conversation in this lesson the incorporates several the adjective vocabulary the you simply learned. Shot writing your own quick dialogue using these adjectives and others you have the right to think that that start with A. Examine your creating for grammar and spelling come the finest of your abilities. If possible, shot practicing her dialogue out loud through a friend or family member because that extra practice.

Quiz Yourself

You learned a many of brand-new vocabulary in this lesson. This practice exists come make sure that you still remember every one of it. Try writing the adjectives the you just learned on flash cards and also seeing if you can remember every one of their meanings. Girlfriend may also want to create down pronunciation guides to assist you say all of the words out loud together you chrischona2015.org.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

Can you think of any type of Spanish synonyms or antonyms for any kind of of the words that you learned in this lesson? create a perform of all of the ""a"" adjective you simply learned and see if you have the right to think of any type of other Spanish indigenous that mean the very same thing or opposing to any of them. This is a an excellent way come flex her memory and your creativity.