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Today, https://chrischona2015.org/ would prefer to present to girlfriend Who’s obtaining The finest Head? (WARNING: SCIENCE). Adhering to along space instructions in the video clip below:

Hello everyone, welcome the video. In today’s video, I will certainly be extending the definitive answer on that it is getting the best head. In this video we will certainly be looking in ~ each chipmunk individually and also determining their nut meter which will ultimately determine who’s acquiring the ideal head. 

Let’s gain into the in this picture that freshly rose come popularity. We check out Alvin Theodore and Simon receiving dome from their particular female counterparts. Back the image acquired popularity in 2019, the earliest recognized sighting of the picture was in 2012. 

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The image was reposted with the caption which is gaining the finest head. Some civilization look in ~ the photo purely for what they can see, just three chipmunks trying to catch their nut. That does help type a quick opinion, that does not aid find the correct answer. 

If we desire that we should look at each squirrel personality beginning with Alvin, that is the leader the the group, the macho chipmunk who gets the many chipmunk as he is funny and also quick-witted which help him v the woman chipmunk. Endeavouring through this in mind, look in ~ the photo, we see his hand grasping the couch. 

His feet curled in and his eye looking approximately God. Looking in ~ his photo, friend would immediately assume he is gaining the best head. Best well think about his characteristics a funny outgoing and wacky chipmunk, Thus, his actions are not out of character for Alvin. 

These actions would be something that would usually do, he’s quiet in manage which means he is still getting good top, but it’s not the finest when you space still in control. There is tho room for advancement Alvin’s seed meter heavy 9.1 the end of 10 nuts type of head gift received big swallow McDouble slurp variation 2.0.

Next we move on to Simon who is the smartest of the three. That does mean he has the ideal head in a different way. That is logical, smart and also a calculated chipmunk regularly seems to it is in gentle and a hopeless romantic through this information. 


Look in ~ the image, the is curled in v his feet in the air. His facial expression is that of issue which helps in Simon’s favour as it is a good sign of an excellent sloppy toppy, but once again we see his hands space doing miscellaneous grabbing. 

The head that Jeanette this once again indicates that Simon is in regulate of his body, but there is a clear contrast in between him and Alvin notification his hand on the head of Jeanette. 

This method he is connected in the oral task thus meaning the head he’s receiving is no top-notch the being said the features of this chipmunk execute not complement his actions. 

This means he is moving out the his lull zone come involve himself in this activity. Thus, the beats the end Alvin Simons seed meter nine points, 3 out the ten species of the head being obtained to hand ham twister formerly unknown to north America. 

Finally, we move on to Theodore. Theodore is the youngest of the three, a shy, caring , sensitive chubby, tiny chipmunk. Looking in ~ the photo, the is clear to view that that is not in control of the motor functions, he is laid-back mouth large open mirroring plenty the reassuring and concern because that the head.


He is receiving a an essential factor come look at his woman chipmunk. He is getting head indigenous his Eleanor. Eleanor is notoriously the thickest chip out of the three in the key series. It is scientifically proven the the thicker the chip in ~ the much more nuts, they deserve to hold. 

Thus, the better head they can offer which is a major an essential to this timeless conflict the complete lack of engine functions in addition to the thickness the the chip pet brings us to ours conclusion. Theodore’s seed meter ten out of ten species of the head being obtained gulp fiction. 

Well there we have it folks space clear, undisputed nut champion the chipmunk that is obtaining the finest head, Theodore, currently keep in mental all 3 of these chipmunks were each getting good quality head, however Theodore beat them the end by a seed disagree with my answer allow me know in the comments, therefore I understand who’s wrong.

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